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Let’s work together and customize your needs! My specialty is collaborating with clients to curate intentional healing, wellness, and longevity programs designed for optimal, sustainable health. From education to implementation, I am here to help you achieve your goals through intuitive and functional food healing and energetic techniques.


Nutrition Programs

From your first consultation through labs and tests, we will get a comprehensive look into your health, define your goals and strategize a plan that meets your lifestyle. Focusing on holistic nutrition to enhance your health, well-being, and longevity programs can be designed around your specific needs, no matter your current health. I have counseled and relieved a vast number of clients looking to heal from their health struggles including pre/post-surgery and recovery, adrenal fatigue, skin issues, antibiotic recovery, microbiome health and functional nutrition. Living in good health is my goal for you and I am excited to guide you on that path.

Wellness Coaching

As a Chef and Nutritionist, I take a 360-degree approach to health and incorporate holistic healing into all of my nutrition, wellness and longevity plans. Food and mental/physical wellness go hand in hand and play an integral role in our health and happiness. We will work together to explore new methods of alternative and holistic modalities as well as explore your functional nutrition to define how your body thrives to reveal your most optimal self. In addition to one-on-one coaching, I also host workshops on nutrition and wellness for small to large groups as well as corporate engagements.

Private Chef

Custom, in-home cooking made from the freshest ingredients. I love to work with you to define your taste and dietary needs to develop menus that fit into your daily life. My work with specialty and restrictive diet menus is one of my most popular services. Just because your diet may be limited doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gorgeous, healthy and flavorful meals. From a few times a month to weekly menu planning, I will coordinate the meal prep from beginning to end, working with you to transform culinary creations into the ideal experience.


Whether you are looking for a Personal Chef to cook for your upcoming business outing or someone to host a healing and wellness retreat with friends, we can work together to develop the perfect weekend getaway. In addition to my culinary specialties, I offer wellness coaching and reiki work, energy/chakra balancing, nutrition workshops, healing and self-care rituals with food and food as love & healing for retreat events.

Event Production

Event Production and Catering is one of my most coveted services. From planning exclusive, luxury events to curated private dinners to small business conferences and workshops, I customize my approaches and put my passion into each experience. We will work together to design your perfect menu, pulling from my exclusive recipe book filled with custom creations inspired from around the world.

Recipe Development

Looking to redesign a classic recipe into something modern and awe-inspiring to share with your family, friends or clients? Let’s brainstorm your ideal flavor profile and preferred ingredients. I will work culinary magic to meet the tastes, smells and presentation of your vision. One of my specialties is helping people with restrictive diets enjoy meals they never thought they could eat again and creating new recipes that fit any diet including those with autoimmune disorders, PCOS and diabetes.

Reiki Sessions

Meet with me one-on-one for a powerful energy healing session. Reiki sessions can help you release blockages, toxins and pain that are hindering your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Menu Design

Turning your vision into reality, I will orchestrate the entire process from research and development to a full-fledged menu creation for your wedding, restaurant, business or themed event. Innovative culinary creations and signature dishes are guaranteed to satisfy. I can work directly with you or your venue or planner to ensure your guests, clients and employees are met with exceptional meals.

Speaking Engagements

I love traveling the world to meet new people and share my philosophy and learnings. I am open to accepting requests for speaking engagements small and large, near and far. I have been honored to be a keynote speaker at large international events and find great enjoyment out of smaller, educational events such as conventions and corporate summits. Holistic health, wellness and longevity, empowerment and entrepreneurship, and influencer marketing are my specialty focuses.


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