Our bodies are incredibly intricate and when certain bodily systems become compromised, it likely affects other systems in your body, making it HARD to get to the root of the problem. 

There are so many wellness resources out there. How do you find the tools and resources that are supportive for you and your specific needs?

I’ve been working on a way to streamline and individualize your journey. What I have created is based on years of work with my clients as a chef, nutritionist, Reiki master and longevity wellness expert.

The new Serena Loves App will lead you through a detailed onboarding process, then provide an initial program recommendation and community access to support you through your wellness journey. 

A message from Serena

I know that sometimes the health and wellness world can be overwhelming...but guess what? There's a much simpler route to optimal health and



Early access to the newest Serena Loves wellness products

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Bi-monthly community
check-ins with Serena


Access to encouragement and virtual events in the community

Daily Journaling

Daily prompts to encourage essential happiness habits

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Continuous, science-backed educational content


A selection of recipes designed by a chef and nutritionist

Meal Plans

Nourishing, plant-based meal plans for each day


Personalized, guided 21-day wellness programs

Commit to 21 days and watch your life begin to transform.

My invitation to you?

You may think that your low energy levels, hormonal imbalances, high stress, and lack of sleep are just problems you have to live with. I’m here to tell you that these issues may be a chapter in your story, but they definitely don’t have to define your whole story. 

How To Transform Your Health

4 Unique Programs for your journey

Begin your transformation

This program is aimed at supporting your immune system, strengthening your body’s organ centers all the way down to a cellular level, and tapping into those feelings of deep, grounding stability in your Root Chakra. 

Immunity Strength & Stability

This program combines the latest science, nutrition, spiritual practices, and energy work aimed at restoration and recovery. Our objectives are to improve your sleep quality, reduce inflammation, and expand and connect with your intuition.

Rest & Rejuvenate the Mind, Body & Soul

This program combines the latest science, nutrition, spiritual practices, and energy work aimed at healing your adrenal gland functionality, improving energy levels, reducing stress, and reconnecting you to your vibrant, creative, loving self.

Stress Less & Reclaim Your Authentic Energy

This program is designed to help you reset your gut health with a diverse array of beneficial microbacteria that send positive signals to your brain via the bidirectional gut-brain axis, and clear blockages in your Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Throat chakras. 

Heal Your Gut-Brain Power Connection


Become the most vibrant version of you!

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Download the Serena Loves App, complete the onboarding questionnaire, and choose from one of the subscription models below to get access to Serena's four, specially curated programs, and start your journey towards healing and optimal wellness today!
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