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Bring about vitality, expanding consciousness, and help memory loss.


Align your aura and give way to love, openness and kindness.


Find the energy to bring new life, inspiration and protection to yourself and your space.


Create the perfect oasis for your meditation and daily nourishing rituals.


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“We want our products to be experiential. It’s supposed to nurture, love, and touch you in a way that empowers you.”

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with Pure, Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

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Kerry Washington, actress & Producer

“Before I moisturize, I love to use a little bit of refreshing rose water, and I have a special one. That’s my aura cleansing mist. So I love this and it smells so good, and it cleanses your aura and your life.”

There is no easier way to care for yourself and live well. Crafted with organic and natural ingredients to be free of major food allergens and designed to nourish, energize and balance bodies throughout long, demanding days.

A natural, nutrient-dense, bioavailable superfood snack


Just Add Water