Filled with easy-to-follow prompts that encourage essential happiness habits - including self-care, kindness, gratitude, goal-setting, and releasing what doesn't serve you. If done daily, these pages offer an empowering practice for finding balance and gratefulness at the beginning and end of each day.

Gratitude Journal:
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My mission is to guide you, my clients and my community to optimal, sustainable health through the combination of integrative and functional nutrition along with energy work and mindfulness practices. Together, we will achieve your health, well-being, and longevity goals.

Certified Nutritionist & Celebrity Chef,
Reiki Master & Longevity Wellness Expert

I'm Serena Poon

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My diet consisted of vegetables, cheeses, red wine, fish and white meat. Serena taught me what I now regard as the optimal diet for me, that is wholesome and plant-focused, fresher, more nutrient dense and is designed to activate my body's natural defenses against aging and diseases. My energy and memory have improved and my blood biomarkers have never been better.

“Before I met Serena, I thought I consumed a near optimal longevity diet..."

Jerry Bruckheimer, Hollywood producer

She’s the embodiment of healthy living and wellness and her nutritional advice and dietary recommendations helped me lower my LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol levels by a remarkable 35%. Serena recently created a new vitamin and nutrition plan to help keep my immune system in top form. I lead a very busy life and whether I’m on the set or prepping for the next production, Serena helps keep me ahead of the curve and performing at my best.

“Serena's knowledge, expertise, and products have made a huge difference in my overall health and well-being. "

Kerry Washington, Actress

Before I moisturize, I love to use a little bit of refreshing rose water, and I have a special one. That’s my aura cleansing mist. So I love this and it smells so good, and it cleanses your aura and your life.

“The Aura Cleansing Mist cleanses your aura and your life.”

Our bodies are intricately connected and energy flows from one part of you to another. Everything has a frequency… you, your food, the plants, the air, animals, the ocean… And there's an energy that's connected to each. When you understand that food is more than just something you put in your mouth because you're hungry, but rather energy that your body is receiving, you can mindfully nurture your overall health. You understand that you are fueling your physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies. Empowering yourself with energy to be your best self. 


Integrating energetic techniques with nutrition

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Serena’s wellness programs provide healing for your mind, body and soul through functional nutrition and energy work to reveal your most vibrant you.

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