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Energy is the force of life. It can sometimes become unbalanced in the body, chakras, or spirit. This causes us to feel unhealthy or develop disease. When learning Reiki, I learned disease moves from the spiritual to the mental to the emotional to the physical. PEMS is a good way to remember it.  One of the best ways to manage your energy and health is to connect to nature. Crystals, as a part of Mother Earth, are one of the simplest ways to connect to nature. 

Crystals, including precious and semi-precious gemstones, all have different energy vibrations. As a part of our very planet they can easily help you connect to nature. These can help with spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Healing crystals can help bring you into balance or with what you’re working on emotionally and physically. They can also be used in your spiritual practice. 

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes. You can wear them as jewelry or gather them around your living space in crystal grids. Different crystals vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies can be used to help heal certain emotional and physical ailments, aid in manifestation, or be used in expanding your energy. 

Personally, I use healing crystals to aid in my Reiki practice. I also recommend clients use certain crystals for different issues, ailments, and practices. For example, after a busy day or a stressful moment, you can rebalance your energies by using the natural vibrational energy of selenite. You can also combine rose quartz with your meditation routine to bring in new, positive energies for unconditional self-love. Or if you’re feeling dragged down you can carry black tourmaline to ward off negative intentions or energies. 


How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystals can need some time to recharge. You can cleanse your crystals in multiple ways. Some crystals can be charged in moonlight and others in sun. You can use regular warning water to cleanse some crystals. But some, like selenite or aquamarine will dissolve in water. Some like pyrite or malachite can be toxic in water. 

A good way to remove any residual energy is to smudge your crystals with white sage or palo santo. You can also bury your crystals in the ground. 

By cleansing crystals, you can better program them to your energy or intention. 


How to Program Your Crystals 

Crystals have different energy vibrations. These can help with certain specific intentions or for certain health or spiritual ailments. Guides like this one can offer you some insight into what crystals correspond to. Certain healing crystalsor can help with certain chakras or areas of the body. But ultimately, you can set your own intention with your crystal. 

To set your intention, after cleansing your crystal you can write down your intention and burn it and let the smoke carry over your crystal. Or you can store it with a written intention in a small bag or as part of a crystal grid. 


How to Use Healing Crystals 

Using crystals can be as simple as holding them over a certain area of your body. You can also use them in meditation, when sleeping, or you can put them in specific areas of the home. Healing crystals can be combined with Feng Shui. 


Healing Crystals Reference Guide



Amethyst is a type of quartz with powerful negative-energy cleansing properties. It also provides comfort and protection during times of healing. Amethyst is also known for prosperity. This is a great first stone in working with crystal energy. 



Generally, Calcite cleanses, revitalizes, and reopens energies in the spirit and body. The tri-color bands on this stone will bring about vitality (red), expanding consciousness (white), and help memory loss (black).



If you are into astral travel, try out Apophyllite to deepen your intuition during meditation. It also proves useful for your memory and balancing your bodily functions, especially those of us with allergies and asthma.



Great for purification and opening the mind to new possibilities, Aventurine can also boost creativity, calm the nerves before stressful situations, and ward off bad energies from “psychic vampires” in your life.



Schorl, or Black Tourmaline, will protect your energies from negativity and will help you cleanse your body of pent-up negative energies. It also aids in chakra balance and harmony. It’s a great groudning stone and can help protect your energy or the energy of your home. 



Soothe your fears about life and death with Carnelian. Carnelian’s healing properties can help with easing PMS, sexual anxiety or dysfunction or impotence. This stone of passion can help you make decisions and calm your anger by rechanneling your energy to your passion.


Use Chinese Writing Stones to stabilize your emotions to get you through hard times and encourage positive thoughts on the outcomes of difficult situations.



Find peace and calm your energies with Chrysocolla. If you need energy support, you can receive it with this beautiful stone. The stone of Divine Femininity chrysocolla can help you with getting more in touch with your inner goddess. 



With its sunny disposition, Citrine can help you through periods of depression and anger and will make you a better communicator for those hard discussions. Recharge in the sun as needed. Citrine is also one of the major money stones and can aid in manifestation and wealth-building. 



The versatility of Clear Quartz includes such benefits as amplifying positive energy, strengthening your aura, and protecting against negative energies. Be sure to cleanse clear quartz often as it absorbs energy quickly from all chakras.



Do you feel timid or shy? Desert Rose can act as a protective talisman and enliven your self-worth and confidence. It can also help alleviate phobias with its calming effects.



Rid yourself of irrational and unfocused thought with Fancy Jasper. Use Fancy Jasper for detoxification and better blood circulation as well.



Fluorite is used to clean out bad energies, is great for upper-chakras cleansing, and promotes mental and physical coordination and positive mental processing. It’s a great stone to help you with focusing. Be careful this stone is not meant to be placed in water. 



Sharpen your awareness and lift your spiritual consciousness by calming your emotions with Howlite. Howlite’s healing properties help you express your emotions rationally.



Jade has light energy that will nourish and heal your spirit. Use Jade to protect your loving heart and harmonize your energies in a calm, smooth manner. Popular in Asian culture, jade is often a stone of good luck and abundance. 



Use Kyanite to align the chakras and promote balance in your energies. Also, use it to calm you before meditation sessions as it provides tranquil energy. It can help you expand your consciousness. But beware to not put this crystal in water. 



Lapis Lazuli, one of the oldest known crystals, is great for your throat chakra if you need help vocalizing your truth calmly. Lapis lazuli imbues peace and wisdom. You can use it to heal headaches and alleviate pain.



If you are going through a difficult transition in life or suffer from PTSD, try using Lepidolite to balance your energies and find reasoning. Lepidolite assists meditation and prayer. It’s also a great stone for spreading a little love.



Also known as Australian Jasper, Mookaite boosts objective decision-making skills and ground your spirit with the earth. Need spiritual and physical healing? Use Mookaite to balance your Solar Plexus, Root, and Third Eye Chakras.



If you need to relax, Ocean Jasper can focus your meditation and expand your joy and help you reconnect with the infinite cycle of life. This beautiful stone carries the energy of the ocean and comes in unique patterns and multiple colors. 



Also known as Rubellite, Pink Tourmaline will help your Heart chakra connect with the Earth. Emotionally, pink tourmaline promotes Universal love and helps your heart overcome difficult situations. The healing properties of pink tourmaline include breaking through worrisome emotional conditions you may experience with friends, family, and lovers.



Polychrome or Desert Jasper from Madagascar can heavily boost your energy, passion, and action. Polychrome jasper embodies the element of firshye. While it is full of energy, it can also help you reconnect with Mother Earth as it stabilizes and centers energies.



Use your Rainbow Fluorite for concentration and decision-making. You can use a rainbow fluoride double point to invigorate your spiritual energies and give yourself a boost. Simply, hold it in your hand and imagine the energy flowing into your body. 



When your patience wears thin, try using Rhodonite near your Heart chakra to calm negative energy and to push self-criticism out of the way for a clearer perspective on your direction in life. Rhodonite is great for self-love as well as increasing love for others and the world around you.



Rose Quartz provides unconditional love and compassion for yourself and those closest to you. This healing stone helps you balance and find clarity and forgiveness in your emotions. Often known as a “love” stone it’s great for all kinds of love. Consider a rose quartz angel for your space as your own personal cupid. 



High in energy, Rutilated Quartz is not only mesmerizing, it will bring stability to your physical and mental state and will help manifest your Divine Purpose. These extra deposits in the quartz can help you in expanding your consciousness. 



Primarily useful for your root and solar plexus chakras, Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone that can transmute negative energies and transform dreams into reality. The carbon that gives the smoky quartz its dark color can help in absorbing negativity. 



To boost your intuition, self-expression, and to calm oversensitivity, place Sodalite near your third-eye and throat chakras. Sodalite is also great for focus and great for students or when working on expanding your knowledge or learning a new skill. 



Rediscover your spiritual and metaphysical past with Stilbite. Use for psychic guidance and to promote creativity. Holding stilbite will remind you that you are worthy of self-love no matter your circumstances.



Energize your chakras by using Tiger Eye’s motivational strength. Tiger eye’s natural healing ability to boost willpower make it very popular.  Tiger Eye is great if you are looking for solutions to unresolved problems or to explore parts of yourself you have yet to unearth or to understand on a deeper level. It’s also naturally grounding. 


Healing With Crystals to Balance Energy

I hope this guide has helped you discover positive ways to help balance your energies and chakras naturally. Crystal healing properties vary but at their core they help you better connect to the Earth. If you wish you can buy healing stones from our shop.


Pick up one of my custom treasure kits or crystals to help you get started in using crystal healing. I’d love to know which ones have helped you with your spiritual growth and awareness.




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