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Dr. Trevor Berry

We have an incredible episode lined up for you, featuring the one and only Dr. Trevor Berry, a true pioneer in the world of low-level laser therapy!

Dr. Berry is a board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist with a commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through innovative laser applications. His journey began with a personal quest to improve the lives of his loved ones and patients by exploring cutting-edge solutions for neurological disorders.

With over 25 years of experience and countless accomplishments under his belt, Dr. Berry is a force to be reckoned with. He’s led groundbreaking research, earned FDA clearances, and even won the 2014 Researcher of the Year award for Erchonia Lasers. His Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center is a testament to his dedication to excellence. 

Today, we’re going to dive deep into Dr. Berry’s incredible work and explore the remarkable strides that Erchonia is making in the realm of mitochondrial health and the fight against aging and disease.

If you’re as excited as we are about the future of healthcare and the role that lasers play in it, then this episode is a must-watch!

Erchonia low-level lasers have been shown to provide benefits in several areas:

– Brain health – Can promote neurogenesis, protect neurons, and help repair the brain. Useful for conditions like post-concussion syndrome, early onset dementia, etc.

– Pain management – FDA cleared for reducing chronic pain. Can help with issues like neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain.

– Inflammation – Lasers have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce chronic inflammation throughout the body.

– Autoimmune disorders – May help regulate the immune system and prevent it from attacking the body’s own tissues.

– Gut health – Can repair the gut lining and reduce leaky gut, which contributes to inflammation.

– Mitochondrial function – Stimulates mitochondria to produce more energy at the cellular level.

– Antioxidant activity – Boosts the body’s natural antioxidant defenses against free radical damage.

– Fertility – Emerging research suggests lasers may support reproductive hormone production.

– Accelerated healing – Increases healing times for injuries or wounds.


Time stamps:

00:00 Intro

01:37 About Dr. Trevor Berry

05:34 What is low-level laser therapy or LLLT

08:36 What happens inside our body once the laser hits the tissue

16:48 Erchonia lasers for pain management and pain relief. FDA Clearances

22:49 Brain health and neurogenesis

25:13 Using lasers for conditions like long COVID and dysautonomia

27:13 Using lasers and meditation together for benefits like neurogenesis

28:34 Low-level laser treatments for autism

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