Longevity & Aging Science in Dogs

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Leap Years

I’m so excited to share this incredible conversation Dr. David Sinclair and I had with Ginny and Nick from Leap Years, a company revolutionizing canine care with a daily supplement clinically tested to SLOW AGING.

Ginny Rentko, a veterinary internal medicine specialist and former veterinary school hospital medical director, brings unmatched expertise. Nick, a leader in transformational change, manages operations, information, and quality systems.

Together, they shared the fascinating science behind a groundbreaking new supplement for dogs, and how it works to boost cellular health and support our furry companions as they age. I highly recommend checking out Leap Years and giving your fur babies the chance at a higher quality life. Thank you, Ginny and Nick, for your tireless work to help our animals live longer, healthier lives!

The topics we covered:

– An understanding of the science behind Leap Years and how it works to boost cellular health in dogs by activating sirtuins and reducing senescent cells

– Insights into the rigorous clinical trials and safety testing Leap Years has undergone

– Examples of benefits dog owners have seen from Leap Years, like increased mobility and engagement

– Guidance on appropriate dosing and when it’s best to start giving Leap Years to your dog


Time stamps:

(00:00) Introduction

(01:05) Background on Leap Years and how it started

(06:18) Explanation of the science behind Leap Years

(09:20) Details on clinical trials and safety testing

(14:45) Questions about using Leap Years for puppies

(16:21) The benefits that have already been seen on dogs and the timeline of effects

(20:15) Impact on sleep seen in studies

(22:51) Dosage info

(24:48) Will there be a product for cats?

(28:03) Potential benefits to multiple organs & systems

(30:40) Testimonials that Leap Years receive from customers


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