The 3-Day Glowing Beauty Detox Diet for Perfect Skin

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If you’re like me, you have probably spent a fair amount of time over the years searching for products to help you get that glowing, red-carpet radiance. But what you may not realize is that using commercial chemical-laden beauty products can do more harm than good. We tend to ignore the simple ways of achieving glowing skin, as nature intended. 

This glowing beauty cleanse stems from my deep conviction that we can heal ourselves and live our best life when we optimize our diet and optimize our metabolism using Optimize Me NAC. And if you’re new to juicing, I have found what works best is to take small steps. The 3-day juice cleanse is a perfect way to dip your toe in the water, especially since it is not strictly a liquid diet. It’s a manageable way to make meaningful change and see dramatic results!

One of the reasons the results are so dramatic for your skin is that the fruits and veggies I’ve chosen for this particular juice that I call my Luminous Elixir contain flavonoids. 


What the heck are flavonoids?

I know, it sounds like science fiction, right? According to Healthline, flavonoids are various compounds found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. 

Flavonoids are rich in antioxidant activity and can help your body ward off everyday toxins. Including more flavonoids in your diet is a great way to help your body stay healthy and potentially decrease your risk of some chronic health conditions.

Wow, so beautiful skin and better health–go flavonoids!

According to Woodson Merrell, M.D. in the Huffington Post, “Consuming a phytonutrient-dense rainbow plant-based juice diet allows food to be assimilated quickly through the intestine — consuming less energy, while the toxin-free, nutrient-dense food helps to repair the gut itself.”

I know the results, personally speaking, have been remarkable every time I do this green juice cleanse. Before I give you the recipe, these are a few tips to get the most out of your beautiful skin regimen.

Get a good juicer

Slow juicing is gentle, so your juice is better-tasting and more nutritious, without the tendency to separate or foam. 

Cold-pressed is a method of extraction that doesn’t oxidize or degrade the ingredients and keeps nutrients and enzymes more intact.

Go organic, always

You always want to make sure your fruits and veggies are free of pesticides. Keep it organic to be sure you are not ingesting many of the same residues the body is trying to clear out. And familiarize yourself with the Clean 15″ (and “Dirty Dozen”) from the Environmental Working Group (4).

Make low-key plans

Try to do the cleanse during a period you don’t have a lot of social lunches and dinners planned. You don’t want to feel tempted to indulge in what they’re having, and you don’t want to feel deprived. 

Plan to go to bed early

That old wives’ tale about needing to get your beauty rest – it turns out that really is a thing! If I go even one night with a poor night’s sleep, it shows under my eyes. 

Beauty rest is not only for real, says Heidi A. Waldorf, MD, director of Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, but it’s highly necessary for all ages. “Our bodies—every organ and function—require rest, time to regenerate, and prep for activity. While awake, eating, moving, thinking, the normal physiologic processes our organs do to allow those activities and to protect us from the environment like ultraviolet light and pollution, produce molecules like free radicals that can be toxic if they build-up,” she explains.

Every time I go through this green juice recipe for skin, it’s remarkable what positive transformation follows.

So this is how to make your skin glow. If you want to maintain your healthy radiance, continue drinking a glass or two a day of Luminous Elixir with your regular diet. The juice will stay fresh for 2-3 days!

Cheers to good health!

XO – Serena

3-Day Glowing Beauty Cleanse

Start each morning with a warm cup of lemon water and a few drops of Chlorophyll. This will brighten your skin, detox your liver using Detox Me Daily and balance your body’s pH levels. Detox supplements can also help in achieving this balance. Next, divide up your Luminous Elixir (see recipe below) into 3 portions and have your first glass after your lemon water.  

For lunch, enjoy a green, leafy salad with any other vegetables as toppings and a protein of your choice if you need it. Just make sure that nothing is cooked in oil and that you just use some fresh-squeezed lemons as your dressing, not oil.

Between lunch & dinner have glass #2 of Luminous Elixir.

For dinner have another salad similar to lunch.

Before bed enjoy your third glass of Luminous Elixir.

Luminous Elixir Recipe

Yields 32-34 oz, 1 Full Day of Servings


– 6 LEAVES Organic Tuscan/Black Kale

– ½ BUNCH Organic Spinach (unbagged preferred)

– ½ BUNCH Organic Italian Parsley

– 4 STALKS Organic Celery

– 2 WHOLE Organic Cucumbers

– 1 HEAD Organic Romaine Lettuce


  1. Thoroughly rinse each of the 6 ingredients
  2. Cut the vegetables into smaller size, appropriate for your juicer
  3. Alternating juicing the harder vegetables with the leady ones (especially if using a masticating juicer)
  4. Transfer your juice into an airtight container–anything BPA-free–and keep refrigerated. Or divide it into 3 portions to drink throughout the day.


Add lemon, lime or ginger for extra flavor.

Be sure to try my Just Add Water line that I created to provide my clients with nutrient-dense, bioavailable superfoods designed to nourish, energize and balance their bodies throughout long, demanding days.

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