5 Tips to Create Good Energy in Your Home Using Feng Shui

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The writer, Avina Celeste, once said, “Let your home be a sanctuary that gives you peace.” I couldn’t agree more. Creating balance and good energy in your home reflects how you’re experiencing the outside world. And since many of us have spent an abundance of time at home in the last eighteen months, it’s so important that our home is a space with good flow and a positive feeling. 

The basic principles of feng shui incorporate everything you need to achieve that good flow in your home. 

So, let’s talk about what feng shui is and discuss the benefits of turning your house into an energetic yet calming space.

Chinese citizens have used Feng Shui for thousands of years. It is now taking over the West as people seek to find more balance and energy in areas they frequent the most, like their homes and workspaces. 

Your home is alive. The flow of energy throughout your house, according to feng shui principles, can determine what fortune is bestowed upon you.

Feng Shui, pronounced “fung shway,” is commonly known to help direct and concentrate energy within one’s house through placement and consideration of furniture and objects like pictures and books. Chinese culture uses this as one of its main practices, focusing on “qi” or the energy that connects everything.

Literally, “feng” translates to wind while “shui” translates to water. Both wind and water elements signify good health and fortune. Feng Shui is rooted in Taoist principles that balance the duality of yin and yang, or feminine and masculine energy. Unlike the duality of good vs. evil, Taoism seeks to balance the yin and yang energies instead of choosing a “better one.”

According to the Taoist vision, feng shui promotes good energy and good fortune. This means that when the energy in your house is aligned and maintained, you will be inviting good luck into your household and objects.

Do you feel like you are a clutter bug? Or is there that one chair in your room that holds all of your clean clothes for a week? You may benefit from the habits you’ll develop employing feng shui. When you allow yourself to accept the idea that there is a life force or energy in everything, from people to your living space, you begin to honor this understanding by keeping your house tidy.

It’s so important that we take control of the things that we have the ability to change. According to Psychology Today, you can design your home environment to support your health and wellness. Many people don’t realize the extent to which their surroundings affect their ability to find peace, rest, and vitality.  A healing space is uncluttered and peaceful.

Don’t forget to remove unneeded and unwanted things from your home. I always feel like physical clutter stresses me out and sets the tone for chaos. If you haven’t guessed already, yes, I am a Kondo devotee!

If you are moving into a new space, smudging with sage has long been used in ritual form to promote energy cleansing and alter vibrations for a happier, more peaceful space and mind.

These are some tips for getting started with feng shui principles

1. Clear pathways for feng shui

One big feng shui tip for beginners is to clear spaces throughout your house that block energy flow. For example, walk from your front door throughout your house. Is there a piece of furniture that prevents easy access to your bedroom or laundry room? Try moving it to a different location or getting rid of unnecessary furniture.

Think of water flowing in through your front door. Would the water be able to flow into your bedroom from the front door without moving around objects?

2. Clean and organize your entryway and windows

Another great start to a feng shui home is to clear and clean the entryway into your house. First, remove any clutter items–jackets and shoes, for example, can be moved into a closet. Then, clean the front door and sweep the entryway and do your best to clean your doormat if you have one. Make the entrance to your house bright and clean to help good energy flow into your home.

Light provides natural energy to a space and to people’s well-being. Be sure to keep your windows clean and pull back the curtains to allow energy from light to fill your space. See our curated suggestions for all-natural house cleaners using essential oils in this article in our blog.

3. Use an energy map and compass for direction

As you become more familiar with these essential tips, you can then think about bringing in some feng shui tools. 

The Bagua, or energy map, is commonly used to discover which spaces in your house are best suited for furniture and other objects. For example, if you use the Bagua to find which area of your bedroom is prone to love, you could put pictures of your family or loved ones there. Or, if there is a space in your living room best suited for wisdom, try putting your collection of books and educational materials there.

Directional placement is essential in feng shui. You can use a magnetic compass in conjunction with your Bagua map to point you in the proper direction from the entryway of a room. To get a more comprehensive, deeper read of your Bagua map, you can purchase a special feng shui compass, also called a luo pan.

4. Go vertical

One of the key feng shui elements is Tree. This element brings life, growth, vitality and energy. Therefore, it’s good to integrate some vertical shapes and lines in your home to represent these values. 

You can do this in many ways, like adding a tree to a corner to make the space feel taller. Or you can put tall bookshelves in a room to give a feeling of height. Of course, you can always add some lighting that points upward as well. 

According to Feng Shui School, wallpaper with vertical stripes, for example, will bring more uplifting tree chi energy, making the ceiling appear higher and the room more spacious.

5. Add plants (the wood element) to inspire productivity and money

For improving productivity and boosting money flow, Feng Shui consultants like Laura Cerrano, of Feng Shui Manhattan suggest adding one or two plants near your desk, home office, or work area. “It’s related to the element of wood, which connects to networking, expansion, growth, growing wealth, and opportunities. Also, have your business card on display on your desk.”

For financial prosperity, she advises getting a desk-sized lucky cat or lucky frog figurine (“Google it!” she says).


As we hurry about our daily lives, remembering to maintain feng shui principles in your house can de-stress you after a long day at the office.

Just like riding a bicycle, feng shui comes with practice. By increasing the intentionality of the placement of things in your house, you’ll begin to feel a sense of calm, cleanliness, and energy that was not present before.

XO – Serena

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