Chinese New Year – The Year of The Dragon!

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The Chinese zodiac operates on a 12-year cycle, with each year associated with a different animal sign, and each sign has its own unique characteristics and symbolism. The Year of the Dragon is one of these signs, and people born in this year are believed to inherit the qualities and traits associated with the dragon. 

However, Chinese New Year is not only for those born in the year of that zodiac. It is a wonderful time for family and friends to come together and celebrate culture and tradition. Typically, a Chinese New Year celebration consists of special dishes, gift giving, dancing, and more! 

Let’s dive into some of the unique characteristics associated with the Year of the Dragon, as well as ways you can make your Chinese New Year into a nourishing celebration. 

Meaning Of The Year Of The Dragon 

In Chinese tradition, the Year of the Dragon is associated with various symbolic meanings and is considered one of the most auspicious and powerful animal years in the Chinese zodiac. Here are some of the key symbolic meanings and attributes associated with the Year of the Dragon:

  • Strength and Power: The dragon is often seen as a symbol of strength, power, and courage. People born in the Year of the Dragon are believed to possess these qualities and are thought to be destined for greatness.
  • Good Luck: The Year of the Dragon is considered a fortunate year. It is believed to bring good luck and positive energy, making it an auspicious time for important life events such as weddings and starting new ventures.
  • Leadership: Dragons are seen as natural leaders. Those born in the Year of the Dragon are thought to have leadership qualities and are often charismatic individuals who can inspire others.
  • Ambition: Dragon individuals are believed to be ambitious and determined. They have the drive to achieve their goals and can overcome obstacles with their perseverance.
  • Protection: Dragons are often seen as protectors and guardians. They are thought to provide a shield against negative influences and bring blessings to those around them.
  • Creativity: Dragons are associated with creativity and innovation. People born in this year may have a strong artistic or inventive streak.
  • Independence: Dragon individuals are often seen as independent thinkers who prefer to carve their own path in life rather than follow convention.
  • Energetic: The dragon is full of energy and vitality. People born in this year are believed to be dynamic and enthusiastic.
  • Admiration: Dragons are admired and respected in Chinese culture, and those born in the Year of the Dragon may receive admiration and support from others.

A Plant-Forward Chinese New Year 

Chinese New Year is a time of reset and renewal. Families gather to create intentions of joy, health, happiness and abundance. While I love serving a somewhat traditional menu for our celebration, I do try to adjust some of the ingredients to fit the style of eating that helps my loved ones feel their best. 

In my experience, the essence of a traditional recipe can be beautifully preserved with thoughtful vegan swaps—like infusing dishes with the rich, nurturing depths of vegetable or mushroom broths, or choosing alternatives to classic sauces.

For those cherished longevity noodles, I recommend opting for mung bean or sweet potato noodles, which are not only easy to find but also have additional health benefits. Dumplings and spring rolls, annual favorites for Chinese New Year, can easily be adapted to delicious vegan versions. In honor of tradition and the deep cultural significance of our ingredients, I often turn to mushrooms, seaweed, and both lotus root and seeds. These ingredients don’t just serve as meat alternatives or sources of umami; they also embody symbolic meanings of longevity, prosperity, and vitality.

Mushrooms are a wonderful substitution to use in some meat-based dishes due to their hearty consistency and earthy quality. They also symbolize longevity and virility, maintaining the Lunar New Year inspiration behind many dishes. For more plant-based protein swaps, take a look at this blog!

Celebratory Dishes That Are Health-Focused 

Adjustments can go beyond removing meat from your menu. Even the simple substitution of using gluten-free sauces can make the biggest difference when it comes to feeling your best, and many stores now offer a wide variety of options to choose from.

Here are a few ways that I make our celebratory dishes more health-focused:

  1. Lean into the vegetable dishes – Vegetables are the cornerstone of my Culinary Alchemy® philosophy because they are full of phytochemicals, vitamins and antioxidants that support health. The wider variety of vegetables that you eat, the better in terms of nutrient absorption. To make any meal healthier, lean into the vegetables. There are so many delicious vegetable dishes on a traditional Chinese New Year’s menu. From bok choy to garlic eggplant and veggie stir fry, there is an abundance of fantastic plant-based dishes to indulge in.
  2. Leave the gluten behind – I like to make gluten-free veggie dumplings with rice flour, tapioca starch and ground chia seeds. Dumplings are a staple on many Chinese New Year tables, but many people find that they have negative reactions to gluten. A gluten-free dumpling might be just the thing to help you feel your best at the beginning of the new year.
  3. Steamed or boiled not fried – Instead of frying spring rolls or dumplings, shift to a steamed or boiled version to avoid an inflammatory response from the excess oil. Fill your rolls and dumplings with chopped vegetables to enhance their nutritional value.
  4. Use fresh spices – In my opinion, a wide variety of spices is what makes Chinese cuisine so amazing. Many spices can also offer a wide variety of nutritional and even medicinal benefits! When making your Chinese New Year dishes, opt for as many fresh spices as possible —this will enhance both the flavor and health benefits.
  5. Celebrate tangerines – I always make sure these sweet citrus fruits are on hand for our New Year celebration to bring luck and prosperity for the year ahead. They’re also full of vitamin C and fiber and can make a great substitute for a heavier dessert.

In conclusion… 

Chinese New Year is celebrated as a time of family, tradition, and renewal. It is a time to reflect on the past year, strengthen family bonds, and look forward to a prosperous and auspicious year ahead. The customs and traditions associated with the festival vary across regions and communities, but the spirit of celebration and hope is universal. Wishing everyone a joyful start to the year ahead!

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