Four Practices to Balance Your Root Chakra

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Sometimes our Root Chakra is the The Forgotten Chakra

Remember this Chakra: Balance your root chakra first to achieve better health and personal transformation.

Imagine this: you are working towards your dream of living your best life at work. You have visions of becoming the CEO of your own beauty brand or being promoted to Director at your firm, yet you have underlying feelings of insecurity and of fear. You might think that nobody will notice these deep down feelings because you work to exude confidence in all other areas. My guess is that these subconscious vibrations are holding you back. Energy doesn’t lie. So no matter how much you consciously promote your strengths, the vibration of insecurity will emanate from you and people my pick up on these vibrations. In order to experience real personal transformation, you must balance and heal all of your energy centers, starting with the foundation. Begin at the base to take care of your root chakra.

The Importance of Meeting your Basic Needs

The concept of energy healing from the base up is very similar to Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of needs. If basic human needs, such as food and shelter are not met, it can be impossible to achieve greater feats than survival. It is the same with energy healing. It is imperative to balance your energy starting from the foundation, the root chakra, and work towards higher elevations of being. If your basic energetic needs of safety and security are not being met, it will be impossible to step into the fullest expression of your life.

Energy in the body moves from the base of your spine up through the crown of your head and beyond. Clearing the root chakra will clear the way for a powerful flow of energy throughout all of your energy centers. If you balance the other chakras before your root chakra, the flow of energy may not be as strong or may even be hindered. This is why, no matter what kinds of problems you are experiencing, it is imperative to begin with your root chakra.

Accessing Energy Healing

When first exploring energy healing, I do advise that people work with an energy healer who is trained to identify subtle imbalances. Experienced energy healers know how to find a blockage and restore a healthy flow of energy throughout your body. This type of work is a wonderful integration into your preventative care routine. Stagnant energy in any chakra can lead to physical symptoms. For instance, an imbalance in your root chakra might lead to lower back or leg pain, constipation or sexual dysfunction. Many of my clients come to me for a monthly energy “tune up” to help them stay well.

That being said, it may not always be accessible for you to access a professional energy healer. If this is the case, don’t worry, there are many practices that you can do at home that will help you balance your root chakra and set the foundation for health and personal transformation.

Serena Poon in Lotus Position Meditating

The Subtleties of Energy Healing

First, it is key to learn to tune into your personal energy vibrations. Energetic healing is subtle. and takes a level of quiet mindfulness that you might not be used to when you are thinking about addressing your health. To begin to do this sit or lie comfortably, and close or soften your eyes. Simply start noticing how you feel. Begin to identify feeling tones that correlate with your emotions. For instance, if you are feeling stressed you might notice a quick, tense energetic tone vibrating through your body. If your energy is balanced you might notice that you feel calm, serene and neither happy nor sad. Understanding how to interpret and shift these vibrations can empower you to truly transform your health and life.

Once you understand how to feel your energetic vibrations, you can start healing all of your chakras, with a focus on balancing your root chakra first.

4 Practices to Balance Your Root Chakra at Home

Eat Grounding Foods

The root chakra is the energy center that guides safety, survival, and security. Your basic human needs. If you are feeling unsafe or full of fear and insecurity, your energy might feel detached. Eating grounding foods can help bring this energy back down to Earth, allowing you to feel more calm and secure. Roasted root vegetables or those prepared in stews can help ground your energy. Just think of how comforting it is to enjoy a bowl of hearty stew.

Vegetables that grow below the soil carry this type of energy. Some examples of wonderful grounding foods include beets, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, ginger, and parsnips, and mushrooms. Additionally, the energy of the root chakra is a vibrant red color. You can also activate this chakra by eating red foods such as strawberries, cherries, and pomegranates.

Grounding Exercises

There are many practices that can help you calm your nervous system and vibrate with cool and collected energy. Simple exercises such as walking barefoot through the grass, going on a nature hike, practicing restorative or yin yoga, or taking a warm bath can all help balance any frenetic energy that you might be experiencing. At any moment, these grounding practices can shift your energy into a place where you are exuding a vibration of calm confidence.

Sound Vibrations

Energy moves in vibrations, as do sound waves. These sound vibrations can shift the energy in your body through the process of entrainment, a phenomenon in which one vibrating organism will match the vibrations of another nearby organism. Listening to certain frequencies of sound can shift your energetic vibration quite quickly. Sounds with the 396 hz frequencies or deep tones like bass or drum beats can help balance the root chakra. There are many healing playlists to explore on Spotify or YouTube as well as many practices for sound healing.

Crystals to Balance Your Root Chakra

Similarly to sound vibrations, crystals carry energy that can shift the energy in your body and surrounding fields. Crystals can pick up vibrations from their environment and also from the energy generated by your special intentions. Some of my favorite crystals for root chakra balancing include mookaite, which is also known as Australian jasper. Mookaite helps to ground your spirit with the earth. Another of my favorites is smoky quartz, a grounding stone that can transmute negative energies and transform dreams into reality.

Balancing all of the Chakras

Once you have balanced your root chakra, remember to take time to balance your other chakras. For optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, the ideal is to have balanced energy centers and uninhibited energy coursing through your physical and energetic bodies. Start by tuning into and balancing your root chakra. Move up through each chakra until you feel serene balance and calm throughout.


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