Simple Rituals To Bring In the Summer Solstice With

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The summer solstice is one of the most magical times. After all, it’s the longest day of the year. Ancient cultures, religions, and civilizations around the world have celebrated the summer solstice in their own unique way. Throughout history there was some magic about the sun being out for such a long time. 

Named from the latin word solstitium which means “sun stands still” the summer solstice festival is also known as Midsummer, or Litha. It’s been celebrated by various culture to highlight the blessing of the excessive sunlight. 

Usually occurring around June 21 or 22nd, the summer solstice is the longest day in many regions of the world. Stone circles like Stonehenge were even erected to highlight the sun during this time. Bonfires have been popular to ward off evil spirits. Christians have also chronicled the rolling of flaming (solar) wheels towards bodies of water. This summer solstice is believed to be a time to balance fire and water or light and dark.

Many of these festive summer solstice traditions continue all over the world. Various First Nations tribes like the Anishinaabe and the Ojibway still practice the same summer solstice rituals including the sundance. The Viking festival of Midsummer is still popular in festivals in Iceland. Even in New York City, thousands of yogis come together to practice yoga in Times Square!

As the longest day of the year, the summer solstice is the perfect time to look at how to make your life brighter. You can create your own Litha or Midsummer tradition to ensure you set yourself up for a brighter future. Life’s too short to not enjoy the brightness the world has to offer. So with these summer solstice rituals, you can invite a little more light into your life. 

Embrace the Sun         

Start your morning outdoors to bathe in the sun’s life-giving rays. Take a few minutes to enjoy your morning coffee or tea outdoors. Give gratitude for the sunlight and really connect to the literal center of our universe. Take some moments to give gratitude and connect to nature’s battery, the sun. 

Enjoy an Outdoor Activity

If you typically hit the treadmill inside the gym or dance it up inside a studio, try it outside. Soak up the rays from the longest day of the year. Meet a workout buddy at a local park or nearby beach for a sun-filled workout session. Check out an outdoor yoga, dance, or even tai chi class. Just remember to wear sunscreen! You can also just put on your favorite sundress and take a nice long walk to soak up the sun. 

Light the Fire of Your Intentions

Indulge in the summer solstice’s fiery energy by lighting a fire for the summer solstice. It can be as big as an outdoor bonfire or as smal as your favorite citrus-scented candle. Use this moment to set your intentions for the rest of the year. You can burn the list, safely. As you watch your intentions burn commit to making the rest of your year better. 

Make a Balance Sheet 

It can be easy for our lives to get out of balance. But the summer solstice is a time to get our lives in order. With all the extra daylight hours, it’s the perfect time to look at what would bring our life into balance. Make a list of changes you want to make, habits you want to stop or start, and the activities you’ve been avoiding. This can give you a boost to bringing in a better year. 

Get Floral

Some summer solstice celebrations involve flowers. Why not add something floral into your life. Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers or buy a special new flowering plant. Brighten up your home with the delicious scent of something alive. And let the beauty of your new flower friends remind you of the power of the sun. It does, after all, feed all plant life. 

Crystal Light 

Hold a sun-related crystal, like citrine, sunstone, or topaz to cultivate the sense of abundance and to express gratitude to the sun for its boundless love and life. Charge your stones with some quality time in the sun to give them a little boost. 

The summer solstice is a great time to remember how gifted we are to be able to spend time blessed by sunlight. You get light, energy, and life itself. Connecting with nature and enjoying all the sun has to offer can really do its part to appreciating all of your days.

XO – Serena

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