Let’s Transform Together with Group Energy Healing

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What an incredible experience it was to be joined by Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling and two additional LeelaQ healers to facilitate a group energy healing session.


In this video you will meet…

  • Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling – Cru was born with the ability to see energy fields and people’s auras. As a coach, alpha chi teacher and energy healer Cru has coached and helped countless individual and business clients in Europe, USA and Asia for about 20 years.
  • Roman Christian Hafner – Roman is a well-known mentalist, coach, energy healer, and he has already trained hundreds of energy healers in Europe.


As you watch the recording of this healing, it is encouraged to follow these three steps:

1.) Find a place where you can be relaxed, focused, and not distracted. (Not in the car etc.)

2.) Think about some things you want to release, heal, transform or let go. While this is helpful, it’s not necessary.

3.) Just connect with the energy healing session as if it just happens. The energy of the session can be accessed at any time.


Time stamps:

Intro to our guests (06:54)

Connection to the divine. How do we lose it and how we get it back (07:52)

About Roman and his abilities (11:18)

About Cru and her abilities (12:40)

What to have during the healing session (16:14)

How to prepare for the experience (20:51)

An outline of the healing session (25:47)

Beginning of the group healing (28:13)

Cru addresses the feeling of hopelessness (37:22)

Healing part two (41:07)

Why people feel the heat rising during the healing session (52:53)

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