Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can pregnant women drink non-alcoholic beer?

    It’s best to avoid non-alcoholic beer if you’re pregnant. “The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advise that there is no amount of alcohol that is considered safe for pregnant women,” explains Serena Poon, nutritionist and longevity wellness expert. “Non-alcoholic beer still contains some alcohol, up to about 0.5% per the label. One study found that some non-alcoholic beverages contain more than they report on the label.”

  • Do non-alcoholic drinks contain alcohol?

    Non-alcoholic drinks may contain up to 0.5% ABV and still be labeled non-alcoholic. For that reason, “aside from pregnant women, there are some other populations that may want to steer clear of NA beverages,” says Poon. “People in recovery and people who are taking medications that are contraindicated by alcohol might also need to abstain from NA beer—if in doubt, the best option is to speak with your healthcare provider.”

  • Do non-alcoholic drinks dehydrate you?

    Not necessarily. “Interestingly, one small study demonstrated that non-alcoholic beer could support electrolyte balance if consumed pre-exercise,” says Poon. That’s not an excuse to skip the H20, though, when imbibing. “No matter what you’re drinking, it’s best that water is your main source of hydration,” says Poon. “I would still recommend drinking a lot of water in addition to NA beverages.”

  • Can non-alcoholic drinks get your buzzed?

    Non-alcoholic means less than 0.5% of alcohol, which is very little. This percentage is found in alcohol-removed wines, some NA spirits, and occasionally, mocktails. “This small amount will not get you drunk or even buzzed,” says Sheinbaum. “If someone wants a totally alcohol-free drink, they should look for 0.0% beverages or ‘zero-proof’ drinks—these drinks never had alcohol in them to begin with.” Some beverages can contain ingredients like CBD, THC, hemp, or other mood-altering components: “Technically, they are alcohol-free—but they can make you feel a certain kind of way,” says Sheinbaum. “With that, choice is really up to the consumer on what they are drinking”

  • Is it OK to drink non-alcoholic beer every day?

    “Drinking non-alcoholic beer is better for you than drinking alcoholic beer every day,” says Poon. “Traditional beer has more calories and alcohol has gut microbiome disrupting and inflammatory side effects, especially if you’re drinking multiple alcoholic beverages.” Still, that doesn’t mean NA beer is exactly the most nutritious option. “Non-alcoholic beer doesn’t contain a lot of nutrition (though research does show that the polyphenols in hops could support heart health), and still contains about 100 calories per can,” says Poon. “Plus, even the small amount of alcohol found in NA beer could be problematic for certain populations.” The bottom line: “Moderation is key with most things, especially beverages that are not water,” says Poon.

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