Pu-erh Tea May Be the Healthiest Brew You’re Not Drinking

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What’s so great about pu-erh tea? “It has a rich and earthy flavor and provides many health benefits when consumed alongside a healthy diet and active lifestyle,” explains celebrity chef, nutritionist and longevity wellness expert Serena Poon, CN.

5 surprising pu-erh tea benefits

When you drink pu-erh tea, Poon says you’ll get a dose of the standard healthful compounds you may get from a cup of black tea, like antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Plus, fermentation means the tea supports the gut microbiome, further improving your health. While most of the research on pu-erh tea is on animals, “there is also centuries of anecdotal evidence of pu-erh’s benefits,” says Poon. Pu-erh tea benefits include:

Reduces diabetes risk

Credit goes to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds created during pu-erh tea’s fermentation process. Explains Poon, who recently outlined the blood sugar benefits of Pu-erh in an Instagram post. these compounds “increase insulin sensitivity and the performance of beta cells in the pancreas.”

Improves gut health

More and more research is pointing to the gut microbiome as an essential driver of our health. Poon notes that it plays a major role in overall wellness, including immune, emotional and brain health. And pu-erh contains a dose of gut-healthy probiotics thanks to the fermentation process.

Indeed, studies show the tea can raise levels of microbes like Bacillus coagulans, linked to enhanced digestion, and Akkermansia muciniphila, a probiotic that may ward off diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And taking care of our gut is even more essential as we grow older, Poon notes, since “as women age, they also tend to lose gut microbiome diversity.”

Boosts longevity

The powerful antioxidants and polyphenols in pu-erh tea bring on what Poon says may be the most notable benefit of the brew: Longevity. Indeed, studies show that sipping green tea can add healthy years to your life. The effect may be even more pronounced from pu-erh tea due to the fermentation. “Drinking tea is a very accessible – and delicious – way to support enhanced longevity,” says Poon.

Other potential pu-erh tea benefits

More research on pu-erh tea is needed to confirm other benefits, but there is potential the tea can do even more for your health. One reason: The tea brims with compounds like polyphenols, theaflavins and catechins. Poon says these compounds may aid in cancer prevention, support cardiovascular health and boost cognitive function.

What’s more, the anti-inflammatory compounds in the pu-erh tea can ease whole body inflammation. Poon notes that this can help ease inflammation that often occurs from hormonal changes during the menopause transition. That’s key since chronic inflammation can lead to cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, cognitive trouble and cancer.

How to brew pu-erh tea

Poon recommends loose leaf tea for ease of use and to avoid microplastics that may be present in tea bags.

Regardless of how you enjoy it, Dr. Gundry and Poon both advise sipping pu-erh tea daily to get the healthy benefits. Pu-erh tea does contain caffeine, however, so limit intake if you’re sensitive to caffeine and in the evening.

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