Quantum Upgrade: Exciting Updates!

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Philipp Samor

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling joined us on Instagram LIVE to share exciting new updates about Quantum Upgrade® !!! (@quantumupgrade.io if you want to follow them on Instagram) The incredible Ian Mitchell joined the conversation as well!

Quantum Upgrade® is leading the way in natural health innovation, combining science and quantum energy healing into a subscription service. This means quantum healing and energy directly to anyone, anywhere on the planet! I enjoy using Quantum Upgrade®, and look forward to my sessions for more clarity, more energy, and to feel more connected to my authentic self. 

Here are some of the conversation highlights: 

  • Access to the highest levels of vibration/consciousness on the Hawkins scale
  • A breakthrough study in regards to ATP production in human cells
  • World-class athletes x Quantum Upgrade to increase performance!
  • Live blood analyses show significant results
  • Certified EMF harmonization

Time stamps:

Intro (00:00)

What is Quantum Upgrade and why it is so unique (03:49)

Mind-blowing results during experimental phase (06:42)

Quantum Upgrade and how it helps with EMF (08:07)

Experiment with shellfish allergy and Leela Quantum Bloc (09:50)

Quantum Upgrade and ATP production in cells (11:59)

What is ATP and why is it important? (16:39)

What if you had your ATP production 25% higher in your body? (17:59)

Nobel Prize and Quantum entanglement (19:35)

How to start with Quantum Upgrade, what should you know about different levels (21:19)

How to get the most out of the 7 day trial. Account set up. (26:09)

Do you have to believe in quantum energy for it to work? (28:06)

The harmful effects of EMF (32:16)

Philipp reveals the item has the most harmful EMF based on the latest studies (38:23)

How to outperform in the bad environment (44:43)

Quantum Upgrade Telegram channel (47:57)

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