The Dream Combination for Longevity: Spermidine & a Healthy Lifestyle

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I take SpermidineLIFE supplements every day and recommend that many of my clients do the same.


The research-backed anti-aging benefits of Spermidine are nothing short of incredible. Spermidine increases longevity by reducing inflammation factors and triggering a process that removes toxic protein aggregates in cells, protecting against neurodegeneration. Combining this innovative supplement with a healthy foundation creates a longevity powerhouse! Spermidine could certainly create an impact on your health on its own, but the results can be so much greater if this supplement is taken in addition to a nourishing diet and lifestyle.

My Culinary Alchemy® philosophy focuses on wellness from a holistic perspective, because true well-being encompasses health in the physical body, mental body and energetic bodies. When I work with clients who are looking to increase their vitality and longevity, we work on all three levels to achieve optimal wellness. Below are some of the practices that I recommend to unlock a full and extended life. Adding Spermidine into this regimen can help you reach the next level of your personal vitality. 


View my interview with SpermidineLIFE Science Advisory Board Member, Dr. David Sinclair on longevity and Spermidine


Plant-Centric Nutrition 


Plant foods are full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that will keep you feeling and looking your best for years to come. In fact, one of my top wellness tips for someone who is just getting started working towards better health is to simply eat more organic, fresh vegetables. Vegetable variety is key, so aim to “eat the rainbow!” The antioxidants found in nature’s bounty supply anti-inflammatory and gut-healing properties, epigenetic cues, and mitochondrial activity that all support longevity. 


Positive Mindset


Positive thinking is associated with a longer life! I am a proponent of the concept that what happens in your mind is what manifests in your life. We all experience negative thoughts about our bodies and well-being sometimes. This is completely normal. But unfortunately, these thoughts can get deeply embedded in your self-talk and really impact your overall health and wellness. It often takes time and persistence to change this narrative, but it is a worthwhile journey. To help my clients form a positive mindset about their health, I ask them to start a body gratitude journal. If you’re interested in taking on this practice, all you need to do is simply write down something that you are grateful for in regards to your well-being every evening. The next morning, when you wake up, read your piece of gratitude back to yourself, recording it to play to yourself throughout the day. Over time, what you think will become your reality and these positive thoughts will seep into your subconscious, helping you lead the beautiful and long life that you deserve. 




Incorporating mindfulness into your life not only helps you fully appreciate each moment, it also has been shown to increase longevity. With benefits that protect against aging in both the brain and body, mindful practices such as meditation and yoga are wonderful tools for a long, healthy life. Try incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine to experience a true transformation. 


Rest, Relaxation and Sleep


You might feel like you need to be in a constant hustle to maximize your true potential, but skimping on sleep and stress relief are big mistakes when it comes to longevity. Getting quality sleep supports longevity in your brain and will keep your appearance youthful (beauty sleep is a real thing!). Stress can also impact your vitality. Research suggests that chronic stress shortens telomeres more quickly, accelerating aging. Partaking in stress-relieving activities, such as meditation, can help combat the signs of aging. 




Just like Spermidine, fasting triggers autophagy, a crucial process to cellular health and longevity. Incorporating intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating into your lifestyle is a great way to keep your body operating at the top of its game. It is important to be aware of the side effects of intermittent fasting. I recommend trying a few approaches until you find one that suits your body and lifestyle needs. Learn more about the various fasting plans here


High-Quality Spermidine Supplements


Spermidine supplements are the icing on the anti-aging cake. Spermidine is an incredible supplement that has been proven to extend lifespan in many organisms and reduce mortality in humans. When selecting supplements, you always want to make the most informed choice. Look for products that are backed by top tier researchers and that are rigorously tested. I personally choose SpermidineLIFE as their products are developed based on over 10 years of research in cooperation with internationally renowned cell scientists. The wheat germ used in the extraction is locally sourced in central Europe and GMO-free. Plus, their products guarantee the Spermidine content in each dose and is the only Spermidine supplement independently tested by elite research institutes on safety and tolerability. For more information about this, check or buy Serena’s supplements.


There are a plethora of ways that you can help support Spermidine’s incredible benefits with small lifestyle tweaks. Start by implementing a few that feel natural and begin to build your wellness practices over time. It won’t be long before you see how a combination of a healthy lifestyle and high-quality supplements can help you live a long and healthy life. 

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