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Ian Mitchell

Did you know that when you sleep your brain gets washed? So many incredible things happen in our bodies for our brain to function optimally, but new and exciting science has presented ways we can support cognitive function at sensational levels. Here is Part 1 of the “Supporting Your Cognitive Function” Series on IG LIVE with Ian Mitchell, an incredible Research Scientist & Pharmaceutical Consultant who is back to chat with us about some incredible new discoveries and products!

Ian is the lead scientist at Biocharged and Wizard Sciences, R&D lead at Biohacked Inc., Biochemist at Triscriptions, and Polymath in Residence at Ecliptic Capital.

Ian introduced Wizard Science’s NeuralRX product! It is a proprietary neural blend of Lipofullerenes that support cognitive function and provide access to antioxidant protection for your body’s mitochondria.


In this IG LIVE Replay we’ll cover :

• What the incredible Ian Mitchell has worked on and what he is working on now

• Serena shares her experience with CV-19 and how she is recovering and restoring her cognitive function

• How NeuralRX was designed to help people with cognitive deficits like Alzheimer’s Disease

• What proteolytic enzymes are

• Reducing inflammation in your brain with NeuralRX

• How this supplement up-regulates your energy, and how the Glymphatic System in your brain works

• Stimulating new neuronal growth

• Ian Mitchell’s supplements for reducing the signs and effects of aging

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