Serena’s Ultimate Guide to Crystal Gridding

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Crystals are everywhere! We love them in jewelry or home decor but they are even in water bottles. It’s no surprise people have been using healing crystals for centuries. As parts of Mother Earth, crystals help us reconnect to the planet and realign our energy with the universe. Crystals can give, gather, and grow our energy.  But many people don’t know how to set intentions with crystals. One of the best ways to start your crystal practice is to learn how to make a crystal grid. 


What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is simply an intentional arrangement of crystals in a symmetrical design to enhance the crystals’ energy. Like an electrical grid, crystal gridding helps store and manage energy. Traditional crystal grid templates use sacred geometry symbols like the Seed of Life or Metatron’s Cube as a guide for crystal placement. Crystal grid patterns can vary. What’s most important is learning how to charge crystals with intentions and using crystal gridding to help you reinforce your spiritual work.

A crystal grid can help fulfill your intentions or set the energy of a space. You can use specific crystal grids for your regular healing practices or sacred rituals. Healing stones for crystal grids help you direct, channel, and focus energy. Even if you are not certain about the power of crystal healing, crystal grids can act as beautiful reminders of your intentions. They’re regular reminders that can promote self-awareness, provide accountability, and inspire more intentional actions for long-term growth and prosperity.


Crystal Guide: Healing Basics 

If you’re completely new to crystals check out this free workshop I did for Wanderlust TV. In this crystal guide I teach you how to use crystals to optimize your wellbeing. I discuss the body’s response to external stressors and teach you how to use specific crystals to mitigate feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, and discomfort. 

In this workshop, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the power of crystals. You can learn practices and affirmations to bring peace, calm, and certainty into your energetic field.

Each crystal has specific healing properties. Crystals have their own vibrations and can each be charged with specific intentions. When placed on a crystal grid they can work together to help manifest better physical and spiritual health, boost creativity, and other personal goals. I’ve created an easy crystal guide to reference for 30 crystals that you can use to help set up your crystal grid. 


Creating a Crystal Grid 

The most important thing to remember? Listen to your intuition. There are no hardcore “rules” or “perfect” ways to do things in spirituality. The main goal is to focus on your intention. The crystal grid helps you maintain your awareness of your intention while also letting it go. So much of energy healing and manifestation is not being overly attached to the outcome. That can affect the energy. Should one bad day keep you from manifesting your dream home or ideal partner? Use your crystal grid as a reminder to boost your mood and energy and raise your spirits. 

Crystal grids act as great subconscious reminders of the intention(s) you set when you make them. Plus, they can be incorporated into the design of your room to provide ambiance and help make your space feel special. 


What You’ll Need for Your Crystal Grid

  • Crystal Grid – You can pick a specific design or just go with your intuition. You can draw or paint your crystal grid pattern onto paper or wood. You can even just print them out.
  • Crystals – You’ll need a center crystal, activation crystal, and smaller crystals to fill in the space.
  • Location – Find the right place in your home to set up your crystal grid that is free of a lot of movement or disruption. You can even use feng shui to help augment your grid. 
  • Intention – Write your intention on a piece of paper such as “I want to clear negative energy from my home.” and place this underneath your center crystal.
  • (Optional) Candles & Energy Tools – Feel free to surround your grid with singing bowls, incense, your favorite candle, or anything you feel helps bring the right energy.


Crystal Grid Templates 

Don’t know where to start? A crystal grid can be as simple as a circle or spiral or as complex as the full Seed of Life. You can use a pentagram, cross, Star of David, Merkaba, and more. You can check here more information on must have crystals.


What Crystal Do I Need? Selecting Crystals for Your Crystal Grid

You can select groups of crystals based on their specific uses or crystal colors can also correspond to specific chakras. Use clear quartz points as the central stone or as connecting stones. Here are some helpful crystal combinations for guiding your crystal grids:

Love – Rose quartz for love, garnet for sexual attraction, and kunzite to help you communicate your passionate feelings clearly

For Healing – Amethyst as a negative-energy cleanser, citrine to reduce depression, fluorite for mental relaxation

For Protection – Smoky quartz to absorb and change negative energy, black tourmaline to repel negative energy and hematite for grounding.


Creating a Crystal Grid: Step-by-Step Setup

  1. Cleanse Yourself  & the Grid Space – It’s always a good idea to cleanse your own body before beginning any energy work. Also, do any physical and energetic cleansing of the space where you will be putting your crystal grid. You can use a smudging, a bowl of salt, or just plain soap and water.
  2. Cleanse Crystals – Smudge your crystals with a sage bundle or palo santo smoke. Or, leave them in the sun or the moonlight for a few hours. Some crystals’ color can degrade in exposed sunlight so don’t forget them. Also, avoid using water or natural salts which can damage some crystals.
  3. Charge/Program Crystals – Hold each stone between your palms, close your eyes, focus on your intention, and visualize that specific energy entering the crystal.
  4. Set the Mood & Begin – Light your favorite candle or play some music to create the space. Bring your attention to your energy and focus on your intention. Put your written intention in the middle of the grid.
  5. Place Crystals on Grid – Either lay down crystals from the center out or from the outside in. A common preference is to use a larger crystal point or pyramid as the centerpiece. Traditional grid patterns will typically have specific points on the grid to place your crystals. Remember to follow your intuition and remain as consistent and symmetrical as possible.
  6. Activate Grid – You can use your finger or another stone to “connect” each stone by touching each one as you draw an invisible line to “connect the dots.”
  7. Enjoy – Feel free to meditate to finish setting up your grid. You can also use it as a focal point for meditation. I recommend leaving your crystal grids in place for at least 48 hours and up to 40 days. Be sure to recenter your intentions every few days by reconnecting your stones and meditating.


Crystals are treasures from Mother Earth. Displaying them in a crystal grid is not just an opportunity to use your crystals and manage that energy. It’s also a super exciting way to beautify your space. You’re creating an artistic reminder of your intention. I hope you feel confident to create your first crystal grid. If you need help finding crystals check out the huge selection in my shop. Sending you plenty of love and good energy. 


Please share your success in the comments! 


XOXO Serena 

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