Welcome the Lunar New Year With These 15 Recipes

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How to celebrate Lunar New Year with vegan foods

Serena Poon, a celebrity chef, nutritionist, longevity wellness expert, and founder of Serena Loves, is passionate about a plant-forward approach to diet. So when the Lunar New Year rolls around, she enjoys experimenting with new ways to embrace tradition without any animal products. Umami-rich ingredients like seaweed, mung bean noodles, vegetable broth, lotus root, and mushrooms are some of her favorites. “In my experience, the essence of a traditional recipe can be beautifully preserved with thoughtful vegan swaps,” she tells VegNews.

In honor of tradition and the deep cultural significance of our ingredients,” says Poon, “I often turn to mushrooms, seaweed, and both lotus root and seeds. These ingredients don’t just serve as meat alternatives or sources of umami; they also embody symbolic meanings of longevity, prosperity, and vitality.”

Poon is not alone. The nutritionist says that more people than ever are “feeling empowered” to make Lunar New Year menus their own. After all, all over the world, dietary trends are continuously changing and evolving. “Individualizing a Lunar New Year menu can mean different things for different families,” she explains. “Some may lean into a plant-based meal, others may create delicious dumplings with a gluten-free wrapper, and some may take a lower-sodium approach.”

Poon recommends starting with traditional foods and then simply adding in vegan ingredients. “For those cherished longevity noodles, I recommend opting for mung bean or sweet potato noodles, which are not only easy to find but also have additional health benefits,” she says. “Dumplings and spring rolls, annual favorites for the New Year, can easily be adapted to delicious vegan versions.”

To help you celebrate the Year of the Dragon, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite vegan dishes below for the ultimate Lunar New Year spread.

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