Why Use New Moon Cleansing Bath Ritual to Detox

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A new moon is the perfect time to take a moment to relax and detox within. A cleansing bath ritual is such a powerful yet simple way to do this while also recharging your body and mind. It just so happens that your body’s ability to detox is at its highest when there is a new moon, making this the best time for a cleansing bath ritual. 

The Benefits of a Cleansing Salt Bath

One of the biggest reasons to take a cleansing salt bath is to draw toxins out from your body. A cleansing salt bath ritual can also help you better manage your weight, provide pain relief from sore muscles, hydrate your skin, and help you relax.

The ritual of submerging your body into a bath of warm water and salt is one of the best ways to restore yourself after a long day. A cleansing salt bath can help you with a range of problems, whether you want smoother skin, have trouble sleeping, or just want some detoxification using Detox Me Daily.

Lower Stress and A Sleep Aid

Sitting in a warm bath can help you relax, and with the right concentration of salt, you can also promote better blood circulation in your body. Better circulation makes you feel less stressed.

Hydrate Skin

Soaking a warm salt solution once a week can help moisturize the skin and decrease inflammation. Salt baths are recommended for people with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema for their skin-enhancing benefits.

Detox Your Immune System


Epsom salt is an organically occurring compound that combines magnesium and sulphate. Your body absorbs these minerals through your skin and draws toxins from the body, which reduces inflammation. Epsom salt also helps increase white blood cell count to fight off infections.


Using pink Himalayan salt can provide your body with beneficial trace minerals. Soaking in salt detoxifies your body, balances your Ph levels, and acts as a powerful antihistamine. It is also known to be antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Reduce Pain

Salt baths have been proven to help with chronic pain, including issues like rheumatoid arthritis. A soak in warm water and salts helps unburden sore muscles and joints, and is a great way to heal after an injury.

Weight Management

There’s still no hard evidence that cleansing salt baths lead directly to weight loss, but soaking in hot water can help you burn calories, likely caused by loss of water weight from sweating.



New Moon Detox Bath

Himalayan Salt: The Best Mineral for Your Spiritual Cleansing Bath

For a salt detox bath, you don’t use table salt, which is made of sodium. Instead, you use either Epsom salts or Himalayan salt.

I love Himalayan salt for my cleansing bath rituals. It contains macrominerals like calcium, chloride, iron and potassium, as well as trace minerals like manganese, copper, selenium and zinc, which are great for your skin and body in small amounts.

Himalayan salt is mined near the Himalaya mountains, in Pakistan. Lava, ice, and snow covered the salt beds for millions of years, so Himalayan salt doesn’t contain many pollutants. Because the minerals found in Himalayan salt are unadulterated and unrefined, the energy of the ocean and earth is still contained in the salt.

There are many health benefits to Himalayan salt, and taking a cleansing bath with it can help with several of the previously mentioned health problems. We recommend also our cleasing exilir recipe that can help you maintain beauty and a healthy body.

Why Is the New Moon the Best Time for a Cleansing Bath Ritual?

The unrefined macrominerals in Himalayan salt still contain the energy of the ocean, and as the ocean’s tide is pushed and pulled by the phases of the moon, it’s especially fitting to use Himalayan salt during the new moon.

Full moon spiritual baths are best for recovery and rejuvenation and the dark phases of the moon (in between the full and new moons) are the ideal time to take emotional release spiritual baths. 

The new moon, however, is for cleansing. 

It’s the start of a new cycle, an important time for renewal, and the perfect opportunity to wash away toxins and negative energy.

At the next new moon, I encourage you to focus on strength and self-confidence. Use the detoxification of a new moon bath to give yourself the boost you need to reach your goals. Below is a cleansing bath ritual that you can perform at home or on the road, whenever you need a little “me time” to recharge.

Serena Loves Cleansing Salt Bath Ritual

What You’ll Need:

  • Sage or palo santo
  • Abalone shell
  • Matches
  • Candle
  • Himalayan Bath Salt
  • Crystals (optional)
  • A feather (optional)


  • Mix Himalayan Bath Salt into hot water that is close to your body temperature. Aim for a 1% salt solution.
  • Place the candle toward the foot of the bath.
  • Place your crystals around the tub. For the new moon in Gemini, for example, reach for Gemini crystals, like Moonstone, Aquamarine, Jade and Quartz Crystal.
  • Place your smudging stick of choice on the abalone shell. The abalone shell is not only heatproof, it also brings the water element to the cleansing ritual.
  • Light the smudging stick until it smolders, creating a nice smoke.
  • Use your hand or a feather to direct the smoke over your body from the bottom of your feet up to above your head, then back down. Focus on a cleansing mantra that speaks to you at this exact moment.
  • Enjoy the bath until you feel relaxed.
  • When you’re ready to finish the ritual, take a deep breath, envision yourself in a golden light, and snuff out the candle.


Perform this cleansing bath ritual every new moon to give yourself and your body a new beginning each month. You’ll be amazed at how positive and confident you feel when you make salt cleansing baths part of your routine.


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