How to Awaken Your Inner Healer and the Pathways to Holistic Health

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You already have the most powerful personal healing tool in the whole world at your fingertips. Spoiler alert: it is you. You truly have everything that you need to heal and thrive within your reach. The trick is learning how to activate the healing powers within; energy healing can help. This practice helps guide energy through your body to reactivate a flow of energy that helps you feel and operate at your best. Using tools such as quantum energy, you can enhance and accelerate the path to this innate wisdom. 


Given the right conditions, your body is incredibly adept at healing itself. Think about the last time you skinned your knee. Did you notice how your body inflamed, then scabbed and finally repaired, without you having to consciously do anything (except for maybe cleaning the wound with soap and water to ward off infection)? Your body is an amazing organism, but sometimes energy can get trapped or stuck, which can hinder your body’s natural power to heal. That’s where the practice of energy healing and energy healing tools can really be helpful. 


Everything is energy, even your fingers, toes and thoughts. The goal of energy work and healing is to bring your body’s vibrations back into balance. This place of homeostasis is where your health thrives. An energy healer helps guide energy through your body, so that it can flow and heal as needed. There are also tools that can help you achieve these shifts at home. For example, working with quantum energy tools, which concentrate the type of energy that makes up all things, can help accelerate your healing.


Quantum Energy and The Human Body

Quantum energy healing can support you in so many ways, mentally, physically and spiritually. I’ve seen energy work help people work through pain and illness, emotional trauma, and day-to-day stress and anxiety. Working with quantum energy is so powerful, because every single cell in your body contains this energy, constantly working to inspire creation and growth. 


Energy work can also help you balance your emotions and make you feel more confident in your work and relationships. It can uplift your mood and overall vitality and support strong immune function. This practice can be used preventatively to maintain healthy balance in your body and mind.


Energy and Your Environment

Energy work is also a powerful tool to shift the energy in your environment, which greatly impacts your health and how you feel. The energy of your home is incredibly important as the energy in your body entrains to the energy that surrounds you. Adjusting the flow of energy in your space through methods such as the ancient practice of feng shui can bring about major shifts in areas of your life where you are experiencing challenges. Crystals infused with quantum energy from a Leela Quantum Bloc can help enhance this energy flow to support holistic well-being.


Not only that, homes today are fraught with electric and magnetic fields. Everything from your computer screens and cell phones to your televisions and microwaves can hinder your body’s natural energy flow. The frequencies may be affecting your body at the cellular level and have been shown to impact sleep, a crucial restorative process, and brain function. There are certain products and even clothing that can help protect your body from these frequencies that are becoming increasingly unavoidable.


The energy of the food in your home can also affect how your body operates and feels. Growing your own food in a garden or eating from a local farmers market and preparing it with love makes sure that you are feeding your body with nurturing energy that still contains some of its livelihood. This is in stark comparison to eating something that has been heavily processed, packaged and shipped. 


Water is another component of your home that can be very impactful for shifting your energy flow. Water is not only necessary for life and vitality, it is also an energy conductor, and it is very important that you fill your body with water that supplies good vibrations. Studies show that quantum energy can even improve the quality of your water. 


Energy Healing Benefits for Animals

Just like humans, plants, and the matter that surrounds you, animals (including your fur babies!) are also made up of energy. Your pet’s innate, intuitive healing instincts are likely even more attuned than your own. Animals will often take it upon themselves to rest, retreat and cleanse when they are in need of healing. Additionally, your pet’s energy is also impacted by the energy in your environment, so if your home is rife with EMFs or if there is a lot of tension in your space because of a relationship or work, your pet will feel this too. 


If your pet needs additional healing support, you can take them to an energy healer or help improve energy flow with at-home quantum energy tools. Energy healing for pets can be used to improve illness, anxiety, pain, and emotional and behavioral issues in animals.


My Favorite Tool for Healing 

One of my absolute favorite tools for healing is my mini Quantum – the Travel bloc. For the last several months I have been traveling about 3+ weeks a month and my travel bloc goes with me on every trip. It’s reassuring to know that with all the air travel, the bloc helps neutralize EMFs in my surrounding environment and creates a field of subtle, but powerful healing energy. Whether it’s in my hotel room or in my carry-on, the bloc supports me with a nourishing quantum frequency in my field.  


In Conclusion…

You are truly your own best healer, but that doesn’t mean that there is no need to seek out support. Energy healers can help guide you towards shifting the vibrations in your body and your surroundings and help you identify tools that might be able to enhance or amplify the effects of energy work. Shifting your energy, clearing blockages and allowing your body to heal itself in the way that it was designed are very powerful tools for transformation. I’ve seen people’s lives completely shift through subtle quantum energy work. Quantum energy makes up everything, so tuning into its power to activate your inner wisdom is the most powerful healing tool out there. 

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