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A Guide for Spiritual Cleansing and Grounding

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Do you feel like you are in need of emotional, mental, and spiritual nourishment?

You’re not alone! Spiritual wellness is often the first thing to suffer when life gets busy. However, spiritual health has an incredible impact on overall wellness and is an integral part of holistic health, so it’s essential to add spiritual nourishment practices into your routine.

If you find yourself feeling spiritually disconnected or a bit emotionally sluggish, you may want to consider a spiritual cleanse or grounding session. In fact, almost half of the U.S. population turns to some form of spiritual healing to replenish energy, clarity, and peace.

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What is Spiritual Cleansing?

Spiritual cleansing is the act of restoring your spirit’s balance by releasing heavy or negative energy. Spiritual cleansing practices can include prayer, meditation, and mindfulness, just to name a few. During a cleanse, you’ll clear negative and stagnant energy, allowing for a renewed flow of positive energy.

The pressures of everyday life tend to build up on the energetic level. When not consistently released, experiences like internal stress and worry, or being surrounded by gossip, drama, and pessimism can weigh you down, causing you to feel heavy both mentally and physically. Spiritual cleansing and grounding practices are ways to restore your weary soul. 

Many people choose to take part in spiritual cleanses on the New Moon to clear out negative energy and create a pathway for new beginnings. However, like with most healing practices, spiritual cleansing can happen in many ways! It is important to find the method that best nourishes you. 

Consider the following:

  • Use Cleansing Crystals

Crystals can connect you to the Earth’s natural healing features. They can absorb negative energy and replenish positive energy. Some of my favorite crystals for spiritual cleansing include amethyst, rose quartz, and fluorite. I use these crystals alongside a ritual, meditation, or reiki session to enhance and deepen the healing experience.

  • Practice a Mantra or Affirmation List 

Choosing a mantra to include in your daily routine can improve your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Whether you write it down or say it out loud, getting into a space of gratefulness first thing will shift your energy and your mind into a place of love and a receiving. Though you may not be able to pinpoint how these mantras are working, you will be able to experience and feel the changes in your everyday life. 

  • Meditate

Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice. Even ten minutes of meditation a day can have transformative effects. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, calm anxiety and improve emotional health, among other benefits! 

Watch Meditation Techniques & Inspiration for Positive Energy to learn more about how a meditation practice can help cleanse your spirit.

  • Listen to Healing Sounds

Playing music at certain frequencies (i.e., 528 Hz) can change the way your energy vibrates. This is a simple way to shift energy that has been weighing you down into more calming energetic vibrations.

A woman lying on grass for spiritual cleansing and grounding

What is Grounding?  

The Earth’s energy is nourishing and soothing for the body, mind, and spirit. Also known as earthing, grounding reconnects you to this energy through physical contact. Grounding has numerous proven health benefits, including helping to relieve stress, inflammation, and pain, to name a few. This practice can also help your energy flow more freely by releasing stress, tension, and frustration.

Physical grounding techniques include:

  • Barefoot Exploration

Walking outdoors on your bare feet is a simple way to connect to the soothing energy of the Earth. Try digging your toes into the grass and taking deep breaths as you express gratitude for Earth’s nourishment.

  • Lying in the Grass

Lying on the ground can help you feel supported by Earth’s nurturing energy. As you lie, let the ground absorb your worries and stress. 

  • Underwater Exploration

You can also practice grounding underwater. Dip your toes in a natural body of water— like an ocean, lake, or river. If safe to do so, you can carefully wade out further. Keeping your feet connected to the ground, feel how the water supports you and allows for the release of tension.  

  • Self-Touch

Simply placing your hands on your body can help regulate your nervous system and make you feel lighter. Try closing your eyes and placing one hand on your heart and another on your stomach. Take a few deep breaths and then tune back into how you feel. 

  • Indoor Nature Experiences

If you can’t go outside, you can still experience the benefits of grounding. Even listening to nature sounds or watching nature videos can calm the nervous system and bring benefits that soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Connect with Serena Loves           

Any of these spiritual cleansing and grounding techniques can help you clear stagnant energy and create a pathway for free-flowing energy and spiritual alignment! These techniques fit seamlessly into my Culinary Alchemy® approach, where we look at health holistically to help people achieve individualized and optimal results. 

As you embark on this wellness journey, I’d love to hear how you’re doing — You can connect with me here! Check out the Serena Loves blog for the latest in holistic health practices, recipes, and tips for living a vibrant life!

XO – Serena

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