My Entrepreneurial C-O-D-E for Working from Home

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“Chasing your dreams” seems to imply that you get up and go! 

So can you chase your dreams from the same place you wake up and then go back to sleep at night? It can be difficult to separate work life and home life when you’re doing both in the exact same place. 

The year 2020 truly changed the way people work. Employees brought their desk supplies home, sweats and slippers became the office uniform, and Zoom calls kept the business moving forward. Today, a majority of those people continue to work from home, and likewise, still struggle to navigate the transition from a physical space to an online one.

Although the one minute commute from your bed to the “office” might be nice, there are most likely days where you find yourself disconnected, lost, unmotivated, or unproductive working from home. That is why I developed a “C-O-D-E” if you will, with practices to keep me from the classic home life vs. work life pitfalls.

Connect with people. 

Entrepreneurial success is often about “who you know”. However, it can be difficult to connect with the right people when you aren’t running into them at the office anymore! If you can’t meet up with colleagues, mentors, or clients in person, take advantage of virtual spaces and be proactive about reaching out. For example, schedule virtual happy hours, start a company-wide virtual book club, or eat lunch with coworkers via Zoom! Just don’t isolate yourself, creating an energetic black hole.

I try to be intentional about virtually connecting with people who inspire and challenge me. That is actually how my Instagram Live episodes got started and became one of the biggest growth factors for my business. On the Instagram platform I am blessed to be joined by powerful thought leaders as we dive into a variety of topics including longevity, superfoods, lifestyle design, and biohacking. The connections made during these virtual conversations are so valuable, and the content we are able to provide to the community is even more so!


Staying organized is key, and this practice should be applied to as many aspects of your life as possible! From your work space to your time to your self-care routine, I have found that being disciplined about organization can lead to much quicker successes than you might think. 

Here is a guide to start:

  1. Organize your space: Clutter in your home is likely cluttering your mind and creating subliminal stress. A well-ordered home reduces distractions and can be reflected energetically. Read more in my feng shui blog!
  2. Organize your time: Time is your greatest resource, so learn how to manage it! Make sure your list is organized into blocks with start and end times. I suggest organizing your calendar into 40 minutes of focus time with a 20 minute break where you do something completely different. I often see people working on their projects every minute of the day (and often through the night), but this is a recipe for disaster. Building time into your schedule to rest, ground and find joy can support mental health, calm your nervous system and help you view your business from new perspectives.
  3. Organize your self-care: Take note of your non-negotiable self-care practices, and make sure your routine can be packed up in a suitcase to hit the road. An empowering self-care routine might include nourishing your body with wholesome foods, getting ample sleep (HERE are some tips from Dr. Breus), practicing centering exercises, or engaging in daily affirmations like “I am enough,” or “I am strong and successful.” 

Dress the part.

There is truth to the saying “dress the part”. The energetic differences of confidence, creativity, self-worth, or professionalism can be multiplied by your role-playing efforts. What does your “best working self” dress like? Put it on from head to toe! After my morning rituals, I put on my makeup and fix my hair almost every day, because it re-centers me in my passion and purpose. That being said, some days it is completely fine to knock out work in your sweats. But if you’re struggling to find the motivation for the work day, grab your favorite office outfit from the closet and start the day dressed for success.


Stop focusing on being productive, and turn your attention towards being effective! Productivity tools will come and go like apps on your phone. Instead, I have found that you will get more done by asking the question, “What is the most effective way to execute this idea or task?” Lean into the way to reach your end goal with the right amount of effort and minimum amount of busy work!

I find it effective to be intuitive with my work schedule, as mentioned in this recent Forbes article. Take some time to understand your habits. Do you find that certain activities come more naturally to you at certain times of the day? Do you find that you start to lose focus around a certain point? Does taking a break to exercise or socialize give you a burst of energy? If you are in charge of your calendar, do your best to schedule tasks and meetings around the times that you feel naturally more inclined to do certain activities.


In conclusion…

I hope these concepts awaken a new energy in you today! Write them down and pin them to your bulletin board. If you are feeling lost or stuck, revert back to these principles as your guide. Also remember, one of the most important things you can do is reconnect to the “why” behind your work. When you are leading your business towards an authentic mission that you care about deeply, it will come through in everything you do (Read more about the power of a mindset shift HERE). Once you have that defined, this C-O-D-E is easier to stick to!   

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