The Power Of A Mindset Shift To Build Or Enhance Your Business

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Mindset is everything. The way you think about things can shape your beliefs, actions and relationships. Because your thoughts dictate what your life looks like, they are instrumental in building a successful business. Mindset is particularly important for entrepreneurs because you are often working alone and charting new paths, so how you think about things is one of the main drivers of your business. There are many ways that you can shift your mindset to set your compass towards success.

Here are seven mindset techniques that have helped me grow my business from concept to successful wellness brand.

1. Create value. 

Instead of thinking about your business in terms of profits and losses, think about how much value you are creating for your customers. This shifts your mindset from one of lack (“I need more money”) to one of abundance (“I am here to offer more value”). The more value you create for your customers, the more they will keep coming back.

2. Embrace failure. 

Researchers have actually coined failure as an “essential prerequisite for success.” Failing time and time again — and learning from these experiences — can set you up for eventual success as an entrepreneur. I have found that the key here is learning not to tie failure to your personal sense of worth. This can be particularly difficult if you are the face of your brand, but it helps to remind yourself that failures are just opportunities for growth.

3. See the bright side. 

Having a positive mindset has been shown to be a crucial component for entrepreneurial success. Showing up every day with a positive mindset does not mean glossing over the challenges, but instead, finding true joy in your work regardless of the circumstances. A positive mindset can also take the focus off the tedium found in the day-to-day.

4. Celebrate growth. 

People who believe that there is always an opportunity to learn and grow, are more likely to succeed. This is because having a growth mindset helps you tackle challenges, learn new skills and openly accept feedback and support. These qualities are important for everyone in the workplace but are absolutely essential for leaders.

5. Allow room for change. 

I would bet that not a single business has been built by writing out a business plan and following it precisely. As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to pivot quickly and go with the flow. If you are set on a specific path or outcome, you might actually hinder the growth of your business. I find that a daily meditation practice helps me know which path to follow, even if it was not the path I was expecting to take.

6. Lead with purpose. 

Running your business from a place of purpose can really move the needle in your success. When you are leading your business towards an authentic mission that you care about deeply, it will come through in everything you do, and your customers will notice. For example, my entrepreneurial journey was inspired by my parents’ battle with cancer. I recognized the enormous impact food has on overall health and wanted to share that information with others. My clients can sense this depth of purpose when they meet with me, which in turn increases their trust and loyalty.

7. Be mindful. 

Mindfulness can help entrepreneurs in major ways. It can help you make decisions, form better relationships, eliminate stress and anxiety and find perspective and purpose. Mindfulness practices that can support you in the work realm include meditation, intuitive scheduling, breath work and mindful delegation.

As an entrepreneur, your mind is one of your greatest assets. It is absolutely crucial for the health of your business that you use your thoughts in a way that supports growth, value creation and joy.

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