10 Sustainable Beauty Gifts For the Holidays and Beyond

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No matter what you’re gifting this year, it means a little bit more to Mother Earth when you do it sustainably. Below, 15 products that will not only answer your loved ones’ beauty needs, but help the planet out, too.

1. R+Co Bleu Repair & Revive Kit ($180)

R+Co BLEU just partnered with One Tree Planted to donate a portion of every purchase towards global reforestation efforts. This take-with-you-everywhere kit packs the brand’s hair-repairing products into one chic case.


2. Naturally Serious Zero Baggage Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream ($24)

Naturally formulated with its anti-pollution blend, this eye cream is formulated with good-for-you ingredients and zero preservatives, sulfates, silicones or artificial fragrances. Simply apply it on the orbital bone morning and night and watch the intensity of your dark circles lessen.

3. Juno & Co Clarifying Cleansing Powder ($18)

Environmentally friendly and sustainable brand Juno & Co makes products free from microplastics and ensures its packaging is 100-percent recyclable. While this fact alone is enough to win us over, this product is the cherry on top. Made with antioxidant-rich rice lees extract and hyaluronic acid, this powder-to-foam cleanser washes and repairs.

4. Humanrace Take A Moment Body Bar Set ($40)

A soap-free formula that removes dirt without stripping the skin, the Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar and Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar gently cleanses to reveal your brightest, smoothest complexion yet.

5. Public Goods Clay Mask ($15)

We can’t name a person who doesn’t love a good clay mask, and this newly launched heavy-hitter is no exception. Combining two types of clay with charcoal powder, Public Goods’ sustainably sourced mask absorbs impurities and excess oils.

6. Wilding Aura Collection ($149)

A four-part body-work system that helps release tight muscles and stimulate lymphatic drainage, these sustainably sourced products and tools feature all-natural ingredients that transform skin from dull and dry to plump and hydrated. Featured in the kit: Aura Activator ($31), Aura Oil ($47), Aura Sweeper ($35) and Aura Stone ($52).

7. Leaf People Blue Butterfly Pea Flower ($30)

Everyone has at least one latte-loving friend, and this powder is about to amp-up their morning brew. Hand-picked and micro-milled on a sustainable, women-run farm in Thailand, this flower adds a boost vitality to any drink, and calms the mind while it’s at it.

8. Serena Loves Pamper Yourself Bundle ($108)

A Raise Your Vibrations Candle ($54) made from mind-opening essential oils, a bundle of See Clear Sage ($28), Rose Aura Tumbled Stone ($12) and a bottle of Aura Cleansing Mist ($58) is the perfect gift for anyone in need of a dose of calm.

9. Siyah Organics Bissap Leaves ($22)

Coming directly from its farm in Senegal, Siyah Organics Skin and Hair powder can help combat premature graying and reduce dandruff production when mixed with shampoo or conditioner. According to the brand, it can also be combined with a teaspoon of honey and coconut oil for a luxurious detoxifying face mask.

10. August + Monroe Calm Cream ($44)

This plant-based vitamin B3–infused gel moisturizer hugs the face in hydration. It also comes in sustainable, refillable packaging that saves two ounces of plastic with each use.

11. evolvetogether Hydrating Hand Cream ($23)

Get ahead of the gift-giving game and pre-order this luxurious hand cream now. Powdered by vitamins and hydrating glycerin, this luxurious cream protects your hands from harsh winter-induced dryness, and it’s also made from recyclable aluminum and post-consumer recycled plastic.

12. Ignae Regenerating Body Oil ($126)

Created in the Azores, one of the planet’s least polluted islands, this clean and sustainable body oil only features 10 ingredients, a few of them being restoring grapeseed oil, antioxidant-rich vitamin E and hydrating chia seed oil.

13. Each & Every Moisturizing Body Wash Trio ($50)

Who doesn’t want a trio of chic, recyclable and cruelty-free body washes? These in particular come in three different scents, and are formulated with simple, clean ingredients that make both the body and the mind feel at peace.


14. No, Thank You A Mask For Night ($58)

Suitable for any skin type, this mask (which just launched in sustainable packaging) targets the deepest layers of skin throughout the night to smooth and plump the complexion come morning.

15. Nemah Revitalizing Stretch mark Cream ($34)

A lovely gift for the mother-to-be in your life, this stretch-mark cream is designed to target the formation of marks with help from vanistryl, a compound engineered to reduce tension in the skin and promote its regeneration.

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