10 tips to live to be 100: Far more than wishful thinking

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10. Connect to your purpose

Studies have shown that having a sense of purpose in life results in better cognitive function and longevity, noted Serena Poon, a nutritionist and longevity wellness expert in Los Angeles.

“There’s a transformative power that arises when you’re aligned with your passions, when you sense that your actions are making a positive impact on the world, or when you feel a profound sense of purpose in your life,” she told Fox News Digital.

“These connections infuse you with a distinct vitality.”

This might also mean taking up a hobby or learning a new complex skill, like playing an instrument or learning a new language.

“Skills that require you to be mentally and physically present help exercise your brain and create strong new neural pathways,” Poon said.

“This can help when you’re trying to train your brain to adopt new habits throughout your life for longevity.”

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