5 Tips for Low-Sugar Baking and Cooking Throughout the Holidays

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Here’s how to keep the sweetness in your favorite treats, without consuming a whole lot of sugar.

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Serena Poon, celebrity chef, nutritionist, and founder of Just Add Water and Culinary Alchemy, agrees: “Coconut sugar does behave like sugar in the body, but it also contains more nutrients, is a bit lower on the glycemic index and is less processed than refined sugar, making it a slightly better option as long as it’s used in moderation.”

And, as Poon points out, coconut sugar isn’t your only option if you’re looking for a simple swap. “There are many ways to make healthy swaps while maintaining flavor and texture and for me it depends on the recipe,” she explains. “With my clients, I love shifting a diet from traditional desserts to more whole foods and fruit-based dishes that can satisfy a sweet craving while delivering fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants.”

“When I bake or make other desserts, I’ll either swap out for a baking sugar alternative blend, monk fruit, stevia, or coconut sugar. There are a number of baking sugar alternatives that are made from natural sugar-free options such as monk fruit or stevia,” Poon says. “These alternatives provide sweetness to your recipe, but are calorie-free (or very low in calories) and low on the glycemic index, so they won’t spike your blood sugar in the same way as refined sugar.”

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5 artificial sweeteners to avoid & 7 alternatives to try!

Cutting sugar from your diet may be difficult, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and longevity. The latest research says that Americans consume 57 pounds of added sugar each year!  Some people can go cold turkey and cleanse from sugar, but there is also a more balanced path you may want to take as you ease off the sugar.

Sugar is hidden in so many of our processed foods, drinks, sauces, breads, dairy, yes- even the “healthy alternatives”. As often as you can, choose to make your own meals with whole food ingredients and try using these healthier, natural options as sweetener when you need to!

⭐️ Honey
⭐️ Pure maple syrup
⭐️ Monk fruit (my personal favorite)
⭐️ Dates
⭐️ Banana Puree
⭐️ Whole fruit berries
⭐️ Organic coconut sugar

The 5 types of artificial sweeteners I would DEFINITELY ADVISE YOU TO AVOID (check your snack and drink labels) include:

❌ Aspartame- impairs memory, increases oxidative stress on the brain, mental wellness issues.
❌ Sucralose- 600 times sweeter than sugar, may be addicting.
❌ Acesulfame K- causes mood issues, possibly some types of cancer, disrupts liver & kidney function, may lead to autism.
❌ Saccharin- associated with health issues including cancer.
❌ Xylitol- not absorbed well and people can be allergic.


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