6 Underrated Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

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They force us to disconnect

Fess up: now that you’ve *almost* finished this article, how many times have you checked your phone? Opened a new tab on your laptop? Responded to a text? With connection at our fingertips 24/7, distraction isn’t merely a possibility, it’s a constant. That’s why coloring can give tech-addicted professionals a chance to put the screen down and tune-in to a different scene. As chef, nutritionist and master reiki healer, Serena Poon recommends the break as a way to lower stress, sure, but also to make us more successful. “Research has shown that detaching mentally from work can aid in overall productivity and well-being. I truly believe that mindfulness practice could benefit everyone in their personal and professional lives,” she continues.”Taking up the practice of coloring in an adult coloring book is just one way to add stress relief and focus on your day-to-day.”

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