A Slow Cooker Can BatchCook Meals Almost Effortlessly — Here’s How to Find the Best One

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How to Use a Slow Cooker

Although using a slow cooker may seem intimidating at first glance, it’s actually a very simple process, celebrity chef and nutritionist Serena Poon, CN, reassures.

“All you need to do is prep your ingredients, place them into the slow cooker pot and turn it on,” Poon says. “A slow cooker works by heating food from the bottom and then distributing the heat evenly throughout the vessel.”

Follow Poon’s foolproof instructions on how to use your slow cooker:

  1. Place longer-cooking foods on the bottom: Given that a slow cooker works by heating food from the bottom up, place foods that take longer to cook (like root vegetables including potatoes) at the bottom of the pot.
  2. Add proteins: Next, place your meats or proteins into the pot.
  3. Add liquid: Pour in your liquid of choice, such as water, broth, marinades or sauce.
  4. Check for the heat settings and turn it on: After you place all your ingredients in the pot, it’s time to place the lid onto the pot, turn on the slow cooker and let it cook while you carry on with your day. Note that most slow cookers have two settings: a low heat setting for longer cook times and a high heat setting for shorter cook times. Choose the one your recipe calls for.
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