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Upcycling Food

Food insecurity is the worst it’s been in years, with one in eight Americans going hungry, according to Census Bureau survey data collected in November, 2020. This staggering statistic is a wake-up call to many of us when it comes to how we consume food. Serena Poon, CN, CHC, CHN a chef, nutritionist, reiki master, and founder of the method of Culinary Alchemy says, “Americans are starting to realize that we waste about 40% of our food.” In order to be better food consumers, Poon advocates upcycling to reduce food waste at home. “Organize your refrigerator so that you eat vegetables that might go bad first,” she says. She also likes to use the whole plant, whether that means using veggie peels to make crisps or saving apple cores for homemade apple cider vinegar or fruit tea.

Stems and plant parts can be sautéed with garlic or blended into pesto, slaw, broth, or vegan pâté. Fruit and veggie seeds can be roasted or planted in your garden. And “buy local to help decrease the chances of food being tossed because of issues with transport or because of physical flaws,” she says.

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