How To Open Your Third Eye With 15 Tips From Experts

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What is the third eye chakra, and what does the third eye do?

According to Serena Poon, Reiki master, longevity wellness expert, and founder of Culinary Alchemy, the third eye chakra also guides mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. “Alignment in this energy center fosters concentration and emotional balance,” she says. “Many people believe that an open third eye leads to higher consciousness.”

If you find yourself wondering “is my third eye open,” you’re in luck—there are signs your third eye is already open, as well as signs it may be closed.

Is my third eye open? Signs to be aware of

Another sign your third eye is already open is feeling good about where life’s taking you. “You may experience a deep and meaningful sense of knowing, as well as a connection to your inner vision,” says Poon. “You might feel like your life is in flow, and that things—especially mentally—simply fall into place.” Van Horn agrees, saying someone with a healthy and balanced third eye typically feels “enthusiastic about the opportunities or choices available to them and in their future, rather than overwhelmed or unsure of how they’ll navigate or decide during natural life changes.”

Poon adds that physical symptoms—like brain fog, poor sleep, headaches, depression, and high anxiety and stress levels—may indicate an imbalance in your third eye, too, as well as emotional and energetic symptoms such as having “difficulty concentrating, overanalyzing things, being quick to anger, or experiencing highly-variable emotions.”

The benefits of opening the third eye

In terms of potential mental health third eye benefits, there are plenty. While a closed third eye may cause a number of imbalances, Poon says opening it can result in many improvements. “Because the third eye impacts emotional well-being, you might find your emotions to be less variable and that you are more easily able to acknowledge and regulate your emotions,” she says. “You may also experience reduced symptoms of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.” Essentially, you’ll be on your way to finding a greater sense of inner peace.

How to open your third eye, according to experts

13. Try tapping

Maybe you’ve used tapping therapy, or emotional freedom technique (EFT), to help cope with stress and anxiety. Well, Poon says the practice is also a great strategy for opening the third eye. “Try gently tapping the forehead where the third eye is and activating your pineal and pituitary glands by sending light waves of vibration,” she says.

14. Use sound healing

Sound can pack great healing power, and can also be great for opening up your third eye. “Using sound healing or toning aids in meditation brings you to a theta state,” says Poon. “This is an excellent way to help open the third eye.”

15. Work with Reiki masters and other healers

The more work you put into healing yourself, the easier it will be to open your third eye—so put in the time whenever and wherever you can. If you want some extra help, working with an expert can be greatly beneficial. “Working with healers, receiving Reiki and energy work, and doing spiritual development are all excellent ideas when you’re opening your third eye,” says Poon.

Frequently asked questions about the third eye chakra

According to Poon, this is also the perfect time to approach life’s challenges with clarity, peace, and understanding. “With an open third eye, you can better lean into life’s flow and align with your inner purpose,” she says. “In work, you might find that you become more productive, find clearer goals, and have fewer obstacles in achieving them. In personal relationships, you might find greater clarity in who is in alignment with your purpose and goals.”

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