Own Your Future Challenge May 11th-15th 2021

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The OWN YOUR FUTURE Challenge starts this week – May 11-15th – every day at 1 PM PST! This 5 day event with two of my mentors, Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi, plus other entrepreneurial leaders will be 90 minutes of immeasurable value for FREE! Learn how to turn your passion, hobby, or skills into a source of income. Get tools and mindset training to adjust to this economic new normal. I’m DEFINITELY not missing this INCREDIBLE opportunity! Please join me by RSVP-ing below! 


Last year was one of the most challenging years your & my generation will ever experience. 2020-2021 was full of challenges we did not expect or necessarily ever want to take on. Some of us saw these new circumstances and environments in a positive light – as lessons or personal lifestyle changes that needed to be made. Some of us saw the challenges in an opportunistic way, a new business idea, a solution to a problem, or time for some much needed self-care. Others saw only struggle – a world of setbacks, traps, or they frankly, felt like a victim. 

No judgement on the reactions and changes you’ve made in your life during these trying times. I only have this to offer – do you see the beauty in challenge? Do you see the growth and resiliency that come along with it? I encourage you to seek those rainbows. I have embraced the concept of getting uncomfortable and challenging myself in many areas of life. From my business, to my nutrition, to self-care, and to the ways in which I spend my time. The effort and mindset has empowered me in SO MANY WAYS. (SHARING THEM BELOW! So keep reading!)

How are you challenging yourself?

One of the ways I’m challenging myself this year is investing even more time in SELF-EDUCATION. Take the initiative to educate yourself on something you desire to know, try, or experience. I’ve opted into certain online programs, read books, and spent 1-1 time with mentors. What did I sign up for? Who are my mentors? I have only a few depending on exactly what it is I’m trying to learn. One of my mentors, Dean Graziosi, said so perfectly on my podcast – “Stop asking HOW? And start asking WHO!”. Listen to the podcast here 

I am focusing on growing my business and the opportunities that have been created economically during these unpredictable times. So, to follow these goals of mine, I have submerged myself in WHO the best is at exactly that. I have been a part of Tony Robbins’ & Dean Graziosi’s Mastermind Community for two years now because I want to get specialized knowledge. The two are leaders in creating & adapting business models to these changing times PLUS, they have an amazing history of serving people authentically – like I desire to do! 

Whether we want to accept it or not, the world is not going back to the way it was. Rather than focus on the hardships, look at your world through the eyes of gratitude, and you will see there are some INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITIES these times present. Here is one : 

Something Big is coming


A new industry has developed that is not only impacting lives in a beautiful way, but also is providing economic opportunity. It’s being referred to as, ‘The KNOWLEDGE Industry’. Information is the new currency, and sharing what you know or teaching what you do is incredibly valuable. If you immediately think, “there’s nothing special I know that people would pay for…” you need to KEEP READING because you 100% have a valuable and unique product or service. 


This new ‘Knowledge Industry’ is growing exponentially right now due to the rapid shifts and effects of Covid-19. If we don’t shift with the times, gain new capabilities, and pay attention to where we’re going economically, we can’t be in control of our future. Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi want to help people take control of their future during these hard times. They have grouped together some of the top entrepreneurs and difference-makers in the world to do  a FREE special event for all of us! It’s called the OWN YOUR FUTURE CHALLENGE.


I so deeply believe that if you take this opportunity it can be life-changing for you because of my own experience with implementing what Tony & Dean teach. I have formed a strategic partnership with Dean, Tony and Mastermind.com to help get their message out to the masses! If you have been trying to figure out what’s next, if you’re feeling like you’re getting left behind in the digital economy, or maybe you are just not tapping into the man or woman you’re destined to be… THIS IS FOR YOU. If you were in a place of momentum and then all of a sudden things shifted, and you need to make some transitions to your model… THIS IS FOR YOU. If your business is doing really well and you want to start giving back, serving, and contribute… THIS IS FOR YOU.


I invite you to commit to taking control of your future. I most certainly will be taking the challenge even though I have a thriving business in the virtual economy! 


If you’re looking for more ideas on where to challenge yourself – here are a few ways you can start! 

4 Challenges to take this year

Lots of love to you! 

Xoxo Serena

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