The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Sip During Pregnancy, According to a Nutritionist

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If you love your nightly (or weekly) sips and you’re pregnant or looking to become pregnant, it helps to know what’s out there in the realm of non-alcoholic drinks that are safe before, during, and after pregnancy. Since alcohol (apart from the occasional glass of red wine) isn’t advised during pregnancy, these beverages will help fill the void should you find yourself with a specific craving.


“Most non-alcoholic beverages are crafted uniquely, and may include something vague, such as ‘natural flavors’ on the ingredient label,” says celebrity chef and nutritionist Serena Poon. “A few herbs to look out for [and avoid] include: sage, thyme, oregano oil, lavender, safflower, and comfrey.”


If you can’t find any information on the label or online, Poon says to send an email to the manufacturer requesting information about either specific ingredients or about the safety for pregnancy. Another option is to go straight to your doctor with the non-alcoholic beverages you’re hoping to work into your pregnancy routine. They’ll be able to approve or nix the concoctions.


Now that the safety spiel is over, it’s time to uncover the best non-alcoholic cocktails, spirits, and more.


Find Well + Good’s suggestions for spirits, beer and wine HERE.

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