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Bring on the broccoli. This cruciferous veggie “contain[s] powerful antioxidants, fiber, and incredible substances that can help your body prevent disease,” certified nutritionist Serena Poon previously told Poosh. One such incredible substance in broccoli? Sulfur. According to Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, cosmetic dermatologist, Chief Medical Officer, and founder of PFRANKMD, sulfur helps our bodies produce more glutathione, a super powerful antioxidant.


“You know how someone tells you that stress caused their gray hairs? They weren’t lying,” Cara Clark, clinical nutritionist, told us. You know what can help with that? The polyphenols in blueberries and other berries, which help fight stress and free radicals. Berries also contain collagen-boosting vitamin C.


If you haven’t grown out of your tomato-hating phase yet, now is the time to try. “Eating tomatoes is one of my favorite ways to care for my skin. Lycopene, a plant nutrient responsible for giving the red and pink pigment to foods such as tomatoes and watermelon, has been shown to suppress oxidative stress,” Shauna Faulisi, holistic nutritionist and wellness chef, told us. “Not only that, but it helps to prevent UVA and UVB damage caused from sun exposure. There’s a reason why these foods are plentiful in the sunny summer months! Nature is always supporting us.”
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