Uh, Is Colostrum The New Collagen? Experts Weigh In

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“Researchers have found that bovine colostrum supports immune function and intestinal health and can help prevent upper respiratory illnesses,” adds celebrity chef, nutritionist, and reiki master Serena Poon, C.N., CHC, CHN. “Colostrum is also great for your skin!”

Let’s dive into those skin-related benefits, shall we? First things first: Colostrum and collagen are not frenemies—they actually work synergistically. “Colostrum helps stimulate collagen production,” notes Poon.

As we discussed up top, “Collagen is a protein that your body creates naturally that gives your skin elasticity,” she adds. “Natural production of this protein decreases with age, so people are often looking for ways to support this process.”

And thanks to those growth factors and immunoproteins, colostrum may help with fibroblast activation, wound healing, and tissue repair, says King—all of which happen to be top-notch benefits for healthy skin aging. “[Colostrum] has even been shown to repair damaged skin,” says Poon.

Who should take colostrum vs. collagen? 

Not to answer a question with a question, but why choose one at all? You can totally take colostrum and collagen in the same routine. Remember: Colostrum supports collagen; no catty relationship at play here.

“Both collagen and colostrum have similar benefits in terms of skin care and for gut health,” explains Poon. “Collagen supplements on their own have been shown to improve skin hydration and elasticity and colostrum actually helps stimulate the production of collagen in your body.”

That being said, if you’re looking for immune-supporting properties in addition to skin-related perks, you might want to turn to colostrum. On the flip side, those looking for joint comfort and muscle health may want to stick to collagen.

For what it’s worth, neither supplement is vegan. But bovine colostrum is technically a dairy product (whereas bovine collagen typically comes from the connective tissue, bones, cartilage, and hides of cows), so it is not considered vegetarian. “If you prefer a vegetarian diet, then colostrum may be more appealing,” says King.

If you do follow a vegan lifestyle, Poon recommends opting for other nutrients and bioactives to help you produce or maintain your natural collagen levels—like, say, vitamin C. “Colostrum helps boost collagen production, but so does vitamin C,” she notes. “This antioxidant (which is not derived from animals) can be applied directly to skin or consumed to support skin elasticity and anti-aging effects10.” Feel free to check out our favorite vitamin C supplements here if you’re in the market for a new bottle.

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